What Furniture Designs Best Reflect Your Personality

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Buying furniture is a special moment.

A furniture piece reflects the homeowner’s personality. It is not surprising why purchasing furniture can be time consuming as several factors are considered, including the room space where the furnishing will be placed as well as the theme desired. With the time being spent on purchasing furniture, the process can be really worrisome to others.

Knowing the furniture design you love is the key to everything. Discover first what you want your furniture to look like before going on a shopping spree. This way, you will appreciate each step and have fun along the way.

Modern Furniture for a Trendy Person

Anything contemporary is the favorite of someone who embraces modernism at all fronts. Thus, it’s just fitting that an array of modern furniture adorns the house of a modern man or woman. One thing common is the love for fashion and latest designs for those who go for modern chic decor.

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Also, endless possibilities are within reach of a contemporary, modern furniture lover. He can remain classy and exude calmness within his abode yet, he can also be funny and daring. This is not a contradiction as numerous contemporary pieces are available for him to attain the goal of making his personal space spacious and enjoyable enough. An example of modern furniture is egg chairs hanging that allow brings in a relaxed at the same time show the playfulness of the homeowner.

Classic, Traditional Look for an Elegant Person

Elegance comes to mind when describing people who love classic furniture. It’s no wonder why those who opt to buy classic furniture want their homes to be furnished with long-lasting pieces. This type of furniture requires more space, thus, it is most suitable in houses that have considerable bigger spaces. Traditional furniture stands out from the rest because they have darker colors and are also heavier. This is because they are made from solid timber resources and other materials that are not synthetic.

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There are several examples of classic furniture. A chesterfield sofa conveys royalty to house owners who proudly display them, while grandfather clocks are usual fixtures as well, eliciting nostalgia to guests who will see them the first time. A glass dining table brings in the light into any room to make it appear larger. For those who opt for darker hues like color black, they can either have the glass tinted to achieve the effect they want.

A Simple Person Loves Minimalist Style

Simplicity is the central theme of minimalist furniture. People who love this design prefer their furniture to be made from soft texture including velour and microfiber. Aside from being simple, the furniture shapes look very strong; avoiding the curves in the furniture is a must. Again, simple lines like horizontal, inclined or vertical are the sought after ones.

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Minimalist fans do not like their furniture to have great details. They prefer to divide their spaces into various sections with the help of furniture clusters, decorative tables and even bookcases. Ornaments are also kept to a minimum. Main focus is texture, color and form also. Don’t forget that less is more when you are decorating your home.

Craftsmanship Defines Rustic Furniture  

Countryside living comes alive when rustic furniture is talked about. Rustic furniture gives more importance on which region each piece is produced. This is where the origin’s influences, materials and techniques come into play.

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Furniture produced from Mexico use structural beams, shutters and doors, and remind people of the carefree, hacienda living. Meanwhile, those furnishings coming from Thailand are made from fallen or dead roots.  The roots give a vey original shape for any furniture piece, including a side table, table top or a chair. Other rustic furniture is produced using reclaimed wood from old buildings, soliciting great approval and support from environmentalists.

Maria Samuels prefers her living space to be simple. She is into interior design, loves to read and write. She earns her living as a materials specialist at In Style Modern, which offers a range of modern furniture replica such as the chic bubble chair, isamu noguchi coffee table, and other reproduction modern furniture.


  1. I really like all styles of furniture and decor. Part of me really likes the cozy feeling of dark colors an soft textures, another part appreciates the crisp and clean lines of modern decor and yet I really love bold colors and funky finds, too. I guess I like everything.

  2. I wonder what it says about you if your house is decorated in the style of “whatever I could scrounge from friends and family”.

  3. I like shabby chic furniture, but our home is decorated with mostly modern furniture.

  4. I like the modern look but like the country look too!

  5. I don’t like the modern stuff .. I like a traditional comfy couch 🙂

  6. I would say comfortable and shabby!

  7. If my furniture matched my personality then I would have a little bit of everything, nothing matching, nothing organized just a lot of heartfelt warm furniture!

  8. I would say that I fit into the category of Modern Furniture. I just love the photo you have posted for the egg shaped swing! I could see myself buying that 🙂

  9. Beautiful! I love the china cabinet and stairs

  10. I like the traditional furniture the most! But I also like to add modern pieces where they are needed! I like to decorate with nice furniture, that is well made and lasts for years. I guess I like mostly tradional and classic furniture styles!

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