Ways to Handle a Misbehaving Teen

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ways to handle a misbehaving teen juvenile boot camp

Many parents deal with behavioral issues with their teenagers, and it can be difficult to know how to handle it. An important thing for parents to remember about a misbehaving child is that it is not always their fault.

Many times, children receive bad influences from classmates or friends through peer pressure, and sometimes they could be treated badly by others, causing issues with how they see themselves. Once a behavior or thought is learned, it can take a long time to remedy, but intensive programs can help to make this process faster.

Many options exist for these parents, and counseling is a great option to try. Therapists or counselors can sit down with the teen and discuss the issues to try to find the root cause so that they can come up with a solution.

This option will only work if the teen will cooperate with the process, though. It is a great starting point for parents to get an honest assessment of their child’s situation.

Another option many parents consider is juvenile boot camp. Many parents threaten this to their children without actually meaning it, but it can actually be a viable option for a particularly unruly child. Many different types of these places exist, and they all approach the process a little differently. It is important to select one that meets your specific goals and desires.

The final option for many parents is to send the child off to a boarding school where they can get the year-round help that they need all day every day. Places like woodcreekacademy.com offer help for a variety of situations, including academic trouble, drug addiction, low self-esteem, and many behavioral problems, and they use the natural world as a character-building tool.

All of these different options exist because every child is different and needs help in a different way. Some can get better with regular therapy while others require 24-hour assistance.

Since there is no one right answer to the question of how to handle an unruly teen, parents should sit down and review all of their options before making a decision.

Researching information about various programs and weighing all the pros and cons of each can help them make informed decisions that will benefit their child.


  1. I had a problem for a while with my new teen skipping school I think we are over the hump but I was frustrated not knowing what to do.

  2. All good advice

  3. Raising a teen is definitely a challenge and I like that you outline several options. It’s true that every child is different but a lot could have to do with their association.

  4. Raising teens is very difficult. It’s good to know there are options out their that help with their unruliness.

  5. I need help with a misbehaving toddler…I’m trying bribery, it sometimes works.

  6. Thankfully I haven’t had behavioral issues that I had to consider boot camp but you know, I would do it in a heart beat if it meant it would get them back on the right path.

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s important we solve the problem before it spills over when they’r adults.

    Have a great day and fabulous weekend Donna!

  7. I personally have a tween that is being a pain in the rear. I honestly fear what he’s going to be like as a teenager. He’s been a handful though since he was a toddler! Unfortunately when it comes to him, I never have a lot of control over what happens with him.

  8. I have a few years before I start parenting a teen, but it’s good to read up now so I know how to handle the situations ahead of me. My husband was a pretty mellow teen, but I’ve always been a handful. Some things never change!

  9. I think we’ve all threatened boot camp, I didn’t realize they actually still existed.

  10. We’ve been blessed with a teen that has never pushed the boundaries. Sure hope that she stays that way now that she is at college!

  11. don’t let my mom see this 🙁

  12. These are some good ways to handle misbehaving teens. I’m so glad we are past that stage now.

  13. I don’t have any teenagers yet but I see the beginning of an era that I am not equipped to deal with yet. At this point my husband and I just plan to wing it.

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