Valentine’s Day 2011: The Price of Love

How much money do we really spend on Valentine's Day? Check out this infographic and see what price we put on love:

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  1. its quite comical how cheap people get the longer they are together. i think last yr i got burger king and a box of turtles. Score! Not. ;(

  2. interesting infographic. Our v-day is pretty inexpensive, just a nice dinner with me and the hubs usually

  3. WOW, some people really go all out. We hardly do Valentine’s Day, if at all.

  4. We are sort of boring, this year we are dining around the fire and playing yahtzee then watching a movie of my choice. 🙂

  5. I need to hang this up on my refrigerator door…give hubby a big HINT.

  6. I dont do much at all. Although, this year we are hoping to close on our house by then and it will be the best Valentines present ever!

  7. Interesting. Valentines is definitely a holiday I look forward to. Gifts of chocolate…yes please

  8. Wow, apparently our house is the exception!

  9. I can imagine people spend alot of money, but since being married I get jipped LOL

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