The Importance of Your Vision – Especially After 40


One of the worst things about getting older for me has been a gradual decline in my vision since turning forty (it's referred to as presbyopia). I am far-sighted. Which means I can't see up close. Near-sighted means just the opposite. And I hate to admit that I am someone who put off getting an eye exam… opting to just buy a pair of drug store reading glasses, I can not tell you how important it is to get regular eye exams.

Zeiss has some great information and resources to help you in every aspect of your vision, as well as helping you every step of the way in making your appointment. Whether it's with an Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist, or an Optician — see what I mean — it can be a bit confusing.

If you need assistance in deciding what type of lenses and frames you want, you might find it isn't quite as easy as you'd think. There are a few things to take into consideration, like weight of the frames and/or sizes of the lenses. Maybe you want contact lenses. I wish I could… but this is something I could never do. So I'm a glasses kind of gal. 

No matter what questions you have regarding your eyesight, eyeglasses, and better vision… Zeiss will help you.

Oh, you know that big word I used in the first sentence – presbyopia? I also learned:

the progressively diminishing ability to focus on near objects, has
always posed a particular challenge for lens manufacturers. A
progressive lens must be ground with a complex curve that provides the
wearer with distance, intermediate and near vision in one lens. The
search for the "holy grail"—the perfect progressive lens design with no
out-of-focus areas—continues to this day. But at the start of the 1980s,
a young employee in Carl Zeiss's mathematics department for spectacle
optics scored a coup in the development of progressive lenses.

So as my mother always told me, I will now tell you — "Do as I say, not as I do." Please get yearly eye exams after you turn forty. Your eyes will thank you!

Just so you know: I will receive compensation for this post through Zeiss and Mom Select. This in know way has affected my opinions. Because as always… those are 100% mine.

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  1. I just ordered new glasses today!

  2. I guess I should get an eye exam, 40 is right around the corner for me ack!

  3. I agree it’s definitely important to get your eyes checked yearly. We have to go this month 🙂

  4. I am due for my exam, even though I’m not 40 yet I need new glasses and contacts

  5. Crap! I was supposed to make an appointment to see my eye doc yesterday! I really need to set a reminder on my phone!


  6. My vision is checked at least once a year if not twice, it seems to get a little worse each year. I will be 46 this year, I do not need Bifocals though so that is cool 🙂

  7. My vision is already getting worse, especially at night and I’m close to turning 30. I can’t imagine in 10 more years

  8. It’s been years since my last exam. I need to get that done soon.

  9. I already have bad vision, so depressing…who knows what it will be after 40.

  10. I wear glasses and contacts, so I need to make sure I go every year!

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