Tower Dog

Tower Dog – One who climbs and constructs the tallest man made structures on earth…according to the Tower Dog web site. 

Tonight on Dateline they are featuring a story about Tower Dogs.  I find this interesting because I am scared of heights and it is hard for me to fathom how or why people would choose this as an occupation.  But my hats off to those that choose this as a profession.

They will be exploring the dangerous job done by tower climbers, workers who rise high to install and maintain high-tech communications towers for cell-phone, Internet and broadcast systems.  Included:  a visit with a single mother, and former cheerleader, who serves as a crew boss.*

According to figures cited by OSHA, these so-called tower dogs have the highest death rate per capita of any occupation in the country.  While watching this episode about 'Tower Dogs' they featured a young man named Cody Pond, and all I could think of was how worried his mother must be.  He travels 300 days a year around the United States climbing towers and risking his life on an almost daily basis.

One thing is for sure, this job is not for the faint of heart!  Would you like to be a tower dog?  Let us know.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy life!!!



  1. I wtched this show last night and all I have to say is that Cody Pond is very hot and i feal very greatful to have a hot guy working so that i can use my cell phone and the internet!!!!!

  2. Well I’m grateful to have anybody working so I can use my cell phone and Internet. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute though I guess. 🙂

  3. Trust me imt me im greatfull to have anyone doing this kind of stuff but even more greatfull knowing that a hot guys risking his life so that no just me, but anyone can use any kind of electronics…. I also feal bad that his friend had to die it was very disturbeing as wellas heart-breaking.

  4. My boyfriend is a "Towerdog" he owns his own tower company here in Texas, i have gone to many of the job sites and it is absolutley amazing! Whether the people that are working on these towers are cute or not should not matter…the coments above mine are ridiculious.

  5. It doesn’t matter at all whether they are cute. I would guess that the person that made the comment is a young girl. 🙂

  6. Cody was a "Mchottie" and I [heart] hot men that work on things. Cody if you ever google yourself and I want you to know your freaking zexy!!

  7. I’ve been climbing towers now for about 4 years and it is good to hear from people that we’re appreciated. Before this Tower Dog show came about not a lot of people knew of our industry or even how their cell phone worked. To be a "Tower Dog" you not only have to over come your extincts to keep your feet on the ground or hold onto the tower until your hands go numb ( theirs a saying with us, that a one handed tower climber is no good, so the more seasoned climbers have been known to slap the hands of the pups who wont let go), any way the work isn’t the hard part for most of us. It’s the being away from your family and friends for so long at a time, at least it is for me, I see us as some kind of modern day cowboy, out ridding the range from one town to the next doing crazy stuff at work or off. Theirs another saying I would tell the locals at the bar that would get a little roudy with a tower dog "You mess with a dog and you get the pack". Thats the kind of bond that has to be in a tower crew because you are relying daily on the guy next to you to help you get home healthy or alive. I consider myself one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had to go through a death of a friend who i work with, but im also told i havn’t been in the industry long enough. I’ve got the best men i know working with me. We are a special and small breed but we are also some of the most proud. We are TOWER DOGS! so next time you see a tower whether it be a little 100ft monopole or a 2000ft guy tower say a little prayer for us and thanks again for your appreciation.

  8. @Nick – first off, I’ve had issues with email notifications and just saw your comment. I apologize!

    How cool that you are a tower dog and stopped my blog! I have the utmost respect for what you do and I definitely think of you guys now when I see towers. Good luck!

  9. I am a tower climber and i love it i have the best view from my office than anyone.
    But i am very careful and always tieoff at least in one spot !ALWAYS!

    [email protected]

  10. I am the wife of a Tower Dog and yes they are very crazy people but this is something that is in their blood. If you have a Tower Dog in your life you know what I mean they can’t stay away. It is very tough on the families as well as the people who do it. We are apart for weeks at a time anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks at a time. It is very difficult for them being apart and having to worry about what is happening at home so it is both very physical and mental as well. I agree with Nick that they deserve respect and attention but also remember that when your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is home every night after work don’t take that for granted, because the families of Tower Dogs we go to bed by ourselves and have all the day to day things by ourselves.

  11. Hey yall I’m a rookie tower dog but not rookie when it comes to heights iv climbed wind turbines for 2 years and never actually thought twice about falling now 2 yEars later and a very close friend is gone due to a fall iv changed occupations and climb cell phone tower I have to say it is one of the most amazing sights a person can see but yet one of the most gut wrenching fellings there is I just don’t think we get enough credit for our actions not playin the sympothy card Here I just don’t think some silly sea men deserve the show they have and us tower dogs get left in the dark I honestly think no camera man has the muscle or nuts to climb a 480 ft tower with us to document our work I agree with the person who posted before me about being a little crazy I hear how crazy people think we are every day but yes u do have to have some screws loose for this job … I’d like to give a hand to the person who started this blog and not trying to step on your toes buddy but towerdog dot com is another great source for tower dogs

  12. Hey Donna, I just happened to come across your blog and found it kinda amusing. I do however appreciate that you have brought the tower industry into light.I was Cody Pond’s foreman when NBC filmed "Tower Dogs".I will have to call him and let him know that his name is still being spread around. I’m sure he will get a kick out of it. I’d like to tell you guys that I cant speak for all the people that do what we do, I can speak for the ones that run in my circle though. We love the work that we do.It’s bust ass hard work.Very dangerous but safety is Paramount. The guys that die are NOT using the safety gear. 100% tie off IS MANDATORY!!! I wont go into specifics but I will say that Jay Guilford died because he was NOT 100% tied off.He was a great guy,damn good worker and a young father too.I feel bad for his children knowing that they lost thier father because he was being stupid.I’m sorry if that comment ruffles anybody’s feathers but it’s the truth.I’ve seen it too many times though.A man gets a few months or even years in a harness and he becomes invincible.It’s just not worth your live guys. STAY TIED OFF!!! I’ve got eleven years in my harness and I do it.I’m also one of the best there is on a tower so dont tell me that it "slows you down". Again, Thanks for having such a blog. You guys be safe out there.

  13. ive done underwater welding and been an iron worker and welder. the bond you get working with a great group of guys is the greatest. traveling and working and partying and relying on them to be there for you and you for them is bonding. I now have a son named CHRISTOPHER CALLOWAY and hes a tower dog and im damn proud of his strength and ability to do that kind of work. its not for everyone, as a matter of fact most people would not be able to do that job. Tower dogs are awesome..

  14. I work as a tower climber. This job is one of those that most can not do. But it’s only as dangerous as the one doing it makes it. I’m proud as hell of what I do for a living. If it wasn’t for crazy fuckers like me. All you flat foot ground pounders wouldn’t get to do all that texting and emailing you can do on the go . So tip your hat to a tower dog when you meet one and thank him

  15. Been doing this line of work for 7+ months…dropped everything at home including my home…left everything behind and have been stacking, upgrading, decomissioning, and beefing up towers since..

    This job is not for the weak. Dont even try. If the tower doesnt break you your crew will. We dont need cowards here to collect a quick check.

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