Boy Dies In Hot Car…Left By His Mom On Her Wedding Day

Bride-to-be Mirlande Jean-Baptiste’s wedding day turned into tragedy on Saturday, July 19, 2008 when her 4-year-old son died in an SUV while she was in a salon preparing for her ceremony, according to an article in the

It says that Jean-Baptiste, 29, may not have known her son was in her SUV.  The four year old was in her vehicle in West Palm Beach, Florida for almost three hours Saturday morning where the temperature reached 89 degrees.

The report says that she and her sister dropped off several children that morning at a relatives house, and that her son may not have gotten out or snuck back in before they left for the salon.

I honestly don’t see how a mother could not know if her child is out of the car or not…however, who am I to judge?  All I know for sure is that this is such a sad story and anytime a child dies it is such a great loss.  The article says that Ms. Jean-Baptiste had to be sedated at the hospital.

What started out as such a happy day for her turned into what I am sure will be her saddest.