Top Ten Pet Peeves

My post the other day on ‘muffin tops’ got me to thinking about pet peeves and then I ran across the idea for a pet peeve meme.  Therefore, I thought I’d get a few things off my chest and talk about my ten pet peeves.  So here are my current top ten pet peeves:

  1. Muffin top – I truly hate to see girls or women wearing tops too short with too tight, too low-cut pants and showing their stomachs hanging out.
  2. The thong or panties showing  – need I say more?
  3. Tattoos – or what is adoringly referred to as a tramp stamp.  If you don’t know what I mean, the tattoo is on the low back so it shows above their too low, too tight jeans.
  4. People that talk on their cell phones loudly in public – I do not want to hear other peoples personal conversations.
  5. People that pull out in front of you in traffic and then drive slowly.
  6. People who drop by without calling first.  It is usually family members that do this.  However, the polite an considerate thing to do is call first.  I may not be home or I may be busy.
  7. People that brag and talk about themselves or what they have.  I’m truly happy for you, but people who toot their own horns aggravate me.
  8. People who leave shopping carts in parking spots.
  9. People who let their kids scream and run around in restaurants and stores.
  10. Loud music in restaurants – I want to be able to have a conversation while I’m dining.

I must admit that it took me a little while to think of ten.  Because it really takes a lot to upset me, as well as, a lot to get me mad or bother me.  I usually don’t let things get to me.  I can say that I strongly dislike or get aggravated by the above 10 pet peeves!  Do  your own ‘pet peeve’ meme on your blog and leave a link in a comment so we can all share our pet peeves.   Hope to hear from you.  Enjoy Life!!!

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  1. Beth, honestly, I am an easy going person, I just can’t seem to tolerate stupid people (or stupid things people do)!

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