How To Dress Thinner

Woman 20resized I have a secret; you can look slimmer, longer and leaner, without losing an ounce!  How you ask?  By following these 10 simple tips for dressing skinny:

  1. Wear proper undergarments – bras and panties that are too small make lumps under your clothes.  Underwear that fits properly gives a smoother, thinner silhouette.
  2. Go monochromatic – when you wear one color or variation of one shade from head to toe, it creates a long lean line (translation: thinner).  Wearing one color creates an unbroken line and a thinner, sleeker you.  Two colors, by the way, will cut you in half and give you a much wider profile.
  3. Wear v-neck tops – to create an illusion of a longer neckline that will give you an overall slimmer look.
  4. Avoid pleated pants – regardless of how slender you are, pleated pants do not look flattering on any figure.  They add bulk to your middle and make you look bigger.  Wear smooth flat front trousers instead.
  5. Wear A-line skirts – they skim over your hips, making you appear more streamlined.  An A-line skirt looks flattering on any type of figure.
  6. Wear straight-leg or boot-cut pants – they make legs look thinner than tapered or wide leg pants.
  7. Wear pants on the long side with heels -  will give you a longer, leaner appearance.  If you are petite or short, don’t wear cropped or Capri pants with flats because they will make you look squat.
  8. Look for jackets that fall below the hips – they elongate and slim the body.
  9. Avoid baggy clothes – many women think that wearing baggy clothes will hide their lumps and bumps.  However, baggy clothes will actually make you look bigger.  Wear clothes that fit properly.  Not too big or too small.
  10. Play up your best feature – if you have heavy hips and waist, keep the focus on the top.  Wear great makeup and get a flattering haircut so people will look at your face.  If you are top heavy but have great legs, play them up.  Wear a skirt with high heels.

So if you have a little extra weight and you want to look thinner now, follow these tips and you can look 10 lbs lighter instantly.  If you have tips on dressing thinner, we would love to hear them.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy Life!!!