Top 5 Quirky Ways to Childproof Your Home Interior

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Childproof your home

Child’s Play

Keeping the house tidy can be a stressful task when you have children running around. Although this is true of children of any age, perhaps the most taxing time is during a child’s younger years, when they are not scared of anything and are on a voyage of discovery and eager to learn and try out everything.

While this is of course a crucial and positive step in the early social development of a child, problems can arise such as broken items, stains and other damage to furniture and carpets, and drawing everywhere, especially on the walls. How can you give your interior design a quirky twist while at the same time making your home childproof?

1. Blackboard Paint

This is a great idea if your child loves drawing everywhere. Simply paint one wall, or even a section of the wall – remember they cannot reach very high! – with blackboard paint and you can allow them to draw however they wish without worrying about how it will look. This will also likely fascinate your child and keep them busy for hours on end.

2. Cartoon Wallpaper

Not the usual stuff you are probably thinking about, such as Spongebob Squarepants or Thomas The Tank Engine, but simple black and white comic strip wallpaper. Although this is predominantly aimed at teenagers, it can be great for bringing out a younger child’s creative side as they colour the characters as they go. It is also a great way to engage with an angst-ridden teenage child in your home.

3. Activity Decorations

Although this may not immediately seem to be a great idea, try it out and enjoy the results. By activity decorations we mean things such as maze games and height charts on the wall that will interest a child and hold their short attention spans a little longer. Simple alphabet and number charts in more communal areas of the house rather than the child’s bedroom are also useful.

4. Rag Rugs

Rag rugs can be a quirky addition to any home, and are ideal for the child filled household as they are durable and do not stain easily at all. Most of them are machine washable, too, so you can easily keep them fresh and clean at all times. Best of all, you will save a significant sum of money against the usual cost and continued maintenance of a quality rug.

5. Alternative Furniture

Not every home has to have a sofa, chairs, and the other things considered staples of a typical household. If you have concerns over damage to expensive products, why not go for beanbags, for example, as an alternative to traditional furniture until you are satisfied that your child has grown out of the rampaging stage.

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    1. Author

      @April – that’s my favorite, too! We put a HUGE white board up in our son’s playroom (it covers 90% of one wall)… it was the best investment. 🙂

    1. Author

      My niece saw this post and said she is doing the blackboard paint one for her 1-year-old. I think it’s an awesome idea, too.

  1. Yes!! I want to do blackboard paint, actually I would like to do one wall like that and one wall dry erase paint in my daughters room.

  2. What fun ideas! Although, I’d be afraid if I let them color on one wall they wouldn’t know the difference and I’d end up with my house decorated in scribbles still, LOL.

  3. Great ideas. We have a specific wall designated for drawing and painting. It has a special border around it so the Little will learn it’s the only of for this activity.

  4. Love the idea of using blackboard paint on the walls!

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