Skylanders Lunch Bag – Back to School Review

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It’s just about that time of year again… back to school time. (How I feel about that, I’ll leave for another post). The time of year for school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and lunch bags/boxes.

Skylander Lunch box

Recently I received a Skylanders Lunch Bag from My son loves the Skylanders video game. He plays it on the Wii. So he was happy to have a Skylanders lunch bag for school this coming school year.

He doesn’t take his lunch too often (he chooses to eat the school lunch), but he takes a snack every day, so this lunch box, will be perfect for his daily snacks.

Slylander Lunch Box

He got to try it out yesterday for his snacks for his theater rehearsal. On Sundays, he has a 4-hour rehearsal, so I pack him some snacks, because they usually get at least 3 breaks. I was able to get a bowl of sliced apples, a cereal bar, a little bag of fruit snacks, and some trail mix easily into the lunch bag.

The lunch bags are insulated, and my favorite thing about their lunch bags is that the interior of the bag is made of a special coating called BAC OFF – which protects the interior lining from bacteria that causes odors and stains.  Now that gives me a great feeling as a mom.

In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen lunch boxes with BAC OFF… and now the only kind I will buy. I have a boy, odors and stains come with the territory, so something that will keep them at bay, is exactly what I want.

He already had some kids telling him how cool it was. They sat and talked about the characters and the game — so a good conversation starter, I’d say.

My favorite thing about KimmyShop is that they are a family-owned business. I try to support family owned businesses as much as possible.

So if you’re looking for character lunch boxes or backpacks (they also have apparel, room decor, and much more) this back-to-school season, I highly recommend the

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Blogger Media Team on behalf of and received a product sample to facilitate my review. Opinions are 100% my own.


  1. BAC OFF is such a good idea, can you imagine the funkiness that’s in lunch boxes? Ick.

    1. Author

      @Billie, I try not to think about it. 🙂 At least with BAC OFF, now I don’t need to worry about it! YAY!

  2. That’s cute! And I love that they’re from a family-owned business!

  3. My youngest two love this game and would love that lunchbox as well.

  4. We need some BAC OFF for hubby’s lunch box too!

  5. Very cute lunch box and I love that it’s insulated.

  6. Skylanders are very popular around here!

  7. Looks cool! I would get one for my son

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