Finding The Perfect Stress Relief

Guest Post

Being a mom is
fantastic but it can also be quite stressful. Running the household smoothly
requires a lot of work. It begins with waking up the kids, getting them dressed
and fed and off to school. Then you need to clean up, do the laundry and do the
shopping. The afternoon comes and it’s time to pick up the kids and take them
home or to their after-school activities.

Before you have a chance to breathe it’s time to make dinner. Do you do that
before or after bath time? Read them a story; put them to bed and now you can
finally have some time for yourself.

Having everything run like clockwork can be a stressful experience and what it
can mean is that everyone is looked after except for you. It is very important
to take time to make yourself a priority and to do things to treat yourself.

Spa Treatment:

Having a spa and massage is the perfect antidote for stress. Lying down doing
nothing and relaxing while someone takes the knots out of your back is heaven
compared to having to do loads of laundry and taking the kids to band practice.
Then there is sitting in a spa while the warm water rejuvenates your skin and

Whether its reflexology,
a Thai or Los Angeles massage, a full-body massage
or an aromatherapy massage it doesn’t matter. All that is important is that you
are receiving some sort of stress relief.

Massage StressRelief

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While you are at it –
how about a facial? This is good for cleansing the skin and clearing up the
pores. The fresh scents and aromatherapy help the mind and body relax and you
will be surprised how refreshed your face will look after.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is a great way
to clear the mind and block everything out. Following a session of yoga, you
can feel energized and ready to take on the world. It’s a way of relieving
stress without having to do anything special or spend too much money. On the
same token, pilates is something else you can try to reduce stress. The two are
similar and both assist in reducing stress levels.

Yoga StressRelief

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General Things:

To reduce stress, it
doesn’t have to be anything major. You just have to take time out and spend it
on yourself. Whether it is going for walks, listening to music or catching up
with friends everything is going to help.

Ultimately the thing that matters the most is that you aren’t neglected.


Tanya Harris writes about parenting.She
likes to watch reality TV, especially the Real Housewives series.