Top 5 apps for those trying to get in shape quickly

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When looking to lose weight and get in shape, a smart phone can be a great asset. Of course, simply using the phone to listen to music or watch videos while working out can help pass the time. But there are some great fitness apps that can support a user in reaching fitness goals, tracking their progress and even learning new routines.


This apps uses the GPS technology in a smart phone to track a user’s run (or walk). It is then able to track one’s progress and distance traveled. RunKeeper also is able to integrate iPod music and coaching into a run. A goal pace can be set at the beginning of a workout and the app will provide audio feedback to slow down or speed up.


  • Free
  • Provides distance for runs
  • Pace coaching


  • GPS tracking may be inaccurate, especially in cities


This is an all around fitness companion. It easily and quickly tracks calories and physical activity each day. The app even remembers common foods and exercises of the users in order to make tracking easier. In addition to tracking calories, MyFitnessPal also keeps track of other nutritional information like fat, sodium and carbs. One can see if they are meeting their fitness goals each day and view a summary for the week with one touch. A user is also able to access their information and profile from a linked website. This can make it easier to search food and exercise databases.


  • Free
  • Barcode scanner for prepackaged foods


  • Food database is sometimes inaccurate
  • Exercise calorie usage is not precise

Fitness Builder

Fitness Builder is a fairly expensive app, costing almost $10; however, it actually teaches the user new exercise routines. This app puts together routines as well as letting the user find a single exercise. Additionally, the different routines can be sorted and searched based on the location, available equipment and other factors.


  • Include hundreds of instructional workouts
  • Database is definable based on location


  • For experienced exercisers only
  • Does not track food intake

Lose It!

This fitness app combines the best features of many other apps by tracking food intake and exercise easily each day. Lose It! also makes it easy to develop a support system by linking to Facebook and Twitter. The application also allows users to earn badges for reaching certain goals and sends reminders if people forget to log in and track activity.


  • Integrates social networks
  • Barcode scanner for food entry


  • Exercise database maybe inaccurate or limited

Fitness Pro

This free app contains close to 500 different exercises that can be performed by people of all skill levels. This app also includes software similar to RunKeeper which will map and log the user’s runs automatically.


  • Great tracking mechanism for logging exercises as they are viewed
  • Free (not a limited version)


  • Most of the exercises require gym equipment

Sarah is a fitness instructor and when she is not teaching fitness she is either talking about it or wiriting about it. She is currently researching into different types of fitness apps ranging from “get fit” apps to ecommerce sites that stock cheap Snowboards and Sanuk Sandals.