Top 10 Twitter #FollowFriday – June 26, 2009

twitter-bird I missed last weeks #FollowFriday.  You can check out my previous #followfridays here and here to see if you were among them.  So without further adieu, here is this Friday, June 26, 2009 #ff recommendations:

King of Social@webaddict has 73,276 followers at the time of this post… the reason he is so popular is because he has a true sense of the "social" aspect of Twitter.  There is a reason you should be following Joel… so go #followfriday him now!

Queen of Social@TheAppleOfMyEye is friendly and helpful.  Courtney’s tweets are interesting and fun… not to mention of her tweets are of value.  She is kind and thoughtful and I highly recommend you #followfriday her.

Ms. Fit@girlgetstrong2 for all they do to help women in their quests to become fit and healthy.  Not to mention they really have some great giveaways. :-)  #FollowFriday them and start getting fit today.

Mr. Retweeter @lyleses07 because he is the most awesome retweeter I know.  He is on top of tweets helping to spread the RT love.  And he is a sweetheart of a guy.  I truly cannot recommend a #followfriday more.

Lady Digg@MSNMoneystories because she submits quality digg articles, a great retweeter and all around great Twitter friend.

Queen of Green@pinkpackrat she may have the color pink in her name but she is as green as they come.  Roberta loves the environment and all things "green", so you can expect wonderful eco-friendly tweets from her.  You should definitely give her a #followfriday.

Mr. Valuable@dudeman718 because he is one smart dude.  You can expect tweets of value and quality from Joseph.  Plus he is one heck of a nice guy.

The Design Guy@Minervity because he tweets great how to’s, guides and tips to help you make your websites the best they can be.  Richard is a very cool guy to #followfriday.

Top Mom @cheeriokeeper because she is one smart, classy and beautiful inside and out mom.  Miranda tweets things that moms can relate to, laugh at and learn from.  Especially if you are a mom… you should #followfriday her.

Humorous & social@BurbiaCentral is a hilarious site but most importantly they get the "social" in social media.  They retweet and interact with their followers.  For great laughs you should #followfriday them.

Shameless Plug@iMommyTalk because, well… it’s mine and @AmyVernons site.  We are in a soft launch right now and would love for moms to #followfriday us.

If you aren’t following these great tweeters… I highly recommend you do.  They really are great tweeps!