Free ECards… got to love ’em

Dreaded_Exercise The title says it all.  Seriously, what’s not to love about FREE ECards?!  You don’t have to worry about sending cards through snail mail and hope it doesn’t reach the recipient too early or worse yet… too late.

With Free ECards that will never be a problem again.  You know the cards you send will get to the intended party shortly after sending it.  One feature I absolutely love… is you can send your card through Twitter.  Yes, you heard me correctly!  And, you can also receive a free eCard through iPhone.  Wow!

They make giving a card to someone living in your home simple and easy.  Don’t run out to the card shop looking among the other "card shoppers" trying to find the perfect card.  You can do it in the convenience of your own home – with Free Printable Cards.  It’s quick and hassle-free. 

One of my favorite printable cards category is the "color your own" cards.  Great for kids to color themselves.  It’s more personalized for mom, dad, grandparents or any family member they want to give a card to.

Never miss a birthday again with Free Birthday ECards you can send your loved ones a special card and guarantee they receive it on their birthday.  Perfect for the special birthday guy and gal that live far away.

What’s not to love about Free ECards?

  • They’re FREE
  • No Registration
  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Hassle-Free 
  • Fun
  • Personalized

I love sending cards for "no" particular reason… just because cards.  And GotFreeCards makes that easy!  So go check out GotFreeECards, and start sending your cards today!

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