Top 10 Twitter #FollowFriday – July 3, 2009

twitter-bird I really like doing #FollowFriday this way.  It makes me really think about who I want to recommend and why.  Check out my June 5 #FollowFriday rec, my June 12th and June 26  #followfriday for more great Twitter users you should #FollowFriday.

  1. King Social@zaibatsu because he is one of the most out going Twitter users you’ll ever tweet (meet).  Reg goes out of his way to help people – generous with his time.  He is a great retweeter and his tweets add value.  He has over 92,000 followers for a reason… if you’re not one of them already, I highly recommend you #followfriday.
  2. Queen Social@shoestringing always tweets inspirational, motivational and informative tweets.  Jessica has kind words for everyone and is interactive.  I enjoy the #quotes she tweets and I know that I will read something that will inspire me.  And if that isn’t enough if you #followfriday her… her smile will brighten your day.
  3. Ms. Green@biofriendlyblog because she tweets green and eco-friendly tweets.  Tara even has a biofriendly blog (hence her Twitter name).  She will keep you informed and inspired on all things green.  She is also a great retweeter and just a super nice gal.  So #followfriday her!
  4. Ms. Digg@AngelWarDriver if you are on Digg you know Angel.  She is a digg user’s dream – tweeting out all the great Digg stories… as well as, retweeting her friends.  However, she does far more than just digg; Angel sends out inspiring quotes and is very interactive.  She is high on my #FollowFriday list.
  5. Mr. Digg@markfrost is a great tweeter of great digg stories.  If you want to find some good digg stories you should #followfriday Mark.  He’s also one heck of a nice guy.
  6. Ms. Artistic@knikkolette is one of those beautiful women who has it all.  She is has a remarkable talent, she is smart, funny and incredibly nice.  I enjoy her tweets and am in awe at her talent.  She has consistently been a great Twitter friend.  I highly recommend you #FollowFriday her.
  7. The Charmer@BobWarren because he is a sweetheart.  Bob knows how to make a gal (and guy) feel good.  He flatters like no other.  He is very interactive, kind and generous.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry if you #FollowFriday him.
  8. Ms. Financial@MMarquit for smart and informative tweets about all things money/financial related.  Miranda tweets great tips and advice that will help you to get out of debt or how to save or invest… and everything in between.  To top it off she is genuinely a super sweet person.  So #FollowFriday her now.
  9. Mr. Movie@spillcrew for great movie reviews.  I’m a BIG movie lover… one of my joys in life. And @spillcrew reviews movies and tweets them so you know if you are missing a must see, or if you should save your money.  Plus you can win free movie tickets if you #FollowFriday them.  And they’re really nice guys too.
  10. The gamer@iadventuregame is new to Twitter and promises to tweet out great iPhone game apps, as well as some promo codes to lucky tweeters.  Give him a #followfriday for some fun iPhone adventure game tweets.

So if you are looking for some great Twitter users to #followfriday – I really do suggest you give these great group of people a follow.


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