The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest…

If you haven’t checked out yet, you have to go now!  Click on the video section and sit back, enjoy and laugh your a** off. 

Tonight on truTV at 9 p.m. The Smoking gun Presents:  World’s Dumbest Competitions 2

The show’s description says, “We’ve searched high and low to find 20 more of the most pointless contests in the world; including sex doll river rafting, pulling cars with penises (men only), a captivating beauty pageant for female prisoners, a high stakes game of “rocks, paper, scissors”, and sumo wrestlers trying to make babies cry (it’s not hard).

And let’s not forget The World Championships of Mosquito Killing (many mosquitoes were harmed during this making of this event). The only winners in these competitions are the people who don’t take part in them. Naturally all contests will be judged, scored and belittled by our celebrity commentators, including Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding and Leif Garrett.”

And better yet on August 7, 2008 truTV airs The Smoking Gun Presents:  World’s Dumbest Criminals 3.

“If you are really stupid and want to commit a crime, be sure – like all of the criminals featured in this show – to do it in front of a camera. Viewers will delight in seeing bad guys making simple mistakes that cost them their freedom. Whether its getting stuck in a ventilation shaft, falling through the ceiling of a liquor store and landing on the merchandise, or holding up a convenience store and making the small mistake of putting the gun down on the counter so the cashier can aim it at you and make you run away.”

If you want a good laugh do yourself a favor and go to


  1. How do I find this show on DVD?

  2. I don’t care for Tonya Harding and also having the same video replayed with each person adding their take to it. If 1 would comment on each video would be better, but with all commenting you are running it into the ground. The dumbest drivers and criminals are great but the other skits aren’t. The partiers are nothing funny, just plain stupid drunks. Also the competitions are stupid also. It just shows how stuopid some people are to try these things.

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