The Nanny Express premieres on the Hallmark Channel

Vanessa Marcil in Hallmark Channel Original Movie 'The Nanny Express' The Nanny Express is Hallmark Channel’s newest original movie.  Yet again, another great family movie to watch on a Saturday night.  I’m looking forward to this one because I love Vanessa Marcil.  I miss her as Brenda on General Hospital.  However, many of you may know her better from Las Vegas; whatever the case she is an actress I enjoy watching.

The site says this about The Nanny Express,

By the time Kate Hewitt (Vanessa Marcil) walks through the front door of widower David Chandler (Brennan Elliott), he is a desperate man.  His two children, nine-year-old Ben (Uriah Shelton) and teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss), have already succeeded in chasing a string of six terrorized nannies out of the very same entryway.  But Kate, who is caring for an ailing father (Dean Stockwell) and finishing up a teaching degree, needs this job and she resolves to stand up to whatever tricks and pranks the Chandler kids can dish out—and to help them cope with the death of their mother.

As Kate slowly wins over young Ben, dad David finds himself falling for the spunky nanny as well.  The feeling is mutual, but a bitter Emily is determined not to let Kate into her life—or her father’s.  Emily doesn’t realize that Kate understands exactly what she’s going through because Kate lost her own mother as a teenager.  Somehow, Kate must find a way to reach the angry and isolated teen since Emily’s happiness—and Kate’s as well—depends on it.

The Nanny Express also stars Stacy Keach, most recently appearing as warden Henry Pope on Prison Break, Dean Stockwell, who most recently appeared as Brother Cavil in numerous episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and Brennan Elliott, most recently starring as Ben Saunders in the sci-fi series The 4400.

You can check out Marcil’s interview with on her role in The Nanny Express.

If you’re looking for a good movie that the whole family can watch tune in January 3, 2009 at 9:00 pm EST. to the Hallmark Channel and watch The Nanny Express.  Go to for more information and additional show times.

We would love to hear what you think of The Nanny Express; so if you watch it leave us a comment with your review/opinion.


  1. I watched Nanny Express.
    My comment is:
    Why do you ruin a perfectly good movie with background music that drowns out the dialogue?
    This is happening not just with the Hallmark but most of other TV channels
    If its not music it is canned laughter.

    Lifetime has someone banging away on a piano throughout their programs.
    Viewers want to be able to hear the actors. Keep the music for the non dialogue scenes only.
    Why the entertainment world, stores, supermarkets, airports etc.etc think we need that background noise continously amazes me.
    I also use the word music in a broad sense because most of it is really just noise.

    hank you for allowing me to blow off steam.


  2. i would like to know were i can puchase a dvd.

  3. @Elaine: I’m not sure if you can, yet. I will check into it for you… and let you know.

  4. I really love the movie. Waiting for part II.

  5. where can i watch it if not on tv

  6. Loved the actress who played Kate. I have never seen her before (I dont watch soaps) Would like to see more of her. Looks a little bit like Sandra Bulock, but I like her way better.

  7. Love it….make a 2nd one please

  8. I loved it. Will be watching it for the second time tomorrow and can’t wait for the DVD.

  9. Watched it about 3-4 times (my husband hates that). Good wholesome movie, well acted by all I thought.

  10. What a great movie …something that can remain entertaining even another 20 years to come..

  11. I loved it. I too am waiting for it to come out on DVD. Like the other comments mentioned. Can someone help us?

  12. More good movies during the week and get rid of 3 hours of touched by an angel and the golden girls. bring back the good movies and the waltons and little house on the prairie.

  13. I would like to purchase the DVD – Nanny Express. When will it be out?
    Thanks you.


  15. omg i loved that movie i wish you would keep making the nanny express movies i loved at the end where the girl emiley new kate understood about her mom it was great and it was the best movie now it is my fav. THANKS,


  16. I’ve read the description of the movie and the names of the actor/actress, but I’m trying to find out the girlfried of Kate that ride the bus with her and I think her name is Lisa? I can’t read the credits at the end of the show because it moves too fast and it’s too small to read. Is the actress who plays "Lisa" is that Cassidy/Chassidy Rae? I’m going bananas in trying to tell myself it is, but I don’t know for sure. Please help? Thank you so much!

  17. love the movie want to know where i can get it on dvd

  18. I loved that movie. I taped it and would buy the dvd. I love hallmark channel. As a romance book reader those happy ending stories are what I love. I love Vanessa Marcil. I consider her one the most beautiful women. AND the guy, Brennan Elliott…. he was so handsome I sat and watched the movie twice last night. I hope Hallmark will use him again.

  19. Liked it also , but thought she looked a little young for the dad, I mean she couldn’t have been more than about three years older than his daughter.

  20. Kudos, great movie waiting on part 2……. 🙂

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