The Most Popular Toys Of The Last Century

With each new generation of children comes a fresh batch of toys designed to delight and entertain. Looking back on your own childhood, you can probably remember the toy craze of the time. Perhaps it was the Rubik’s Cube, and you spent hours frantically trying to solve it. Or maybe you played with a Barbie, dressing her up in a range of classy outfits and accessories.

Over the last century, countless toys have entered mass culture only to be replaced a few years later by a new line of games and action figures.

You would be surprised to learn how some of your favorite toys figure into history. For instance, you were most likely unaware that the yo-yo has existed for thousands of years, but it was not until the 1920s that it took its modern form. Furthermore, are you aware of how Monopoly transformed during World War II or how Legos got their name?

There is so much to learn when it comes to the history and development of toys. Using the infographic below, see how some of the world’s most popular toys came into existence. Perhaps you will come across an old favorite and see it in a completely different light.

Most Iconic Toys InfographicPresented by Toy Zoo


  1. This is so awesome to read! How neat to see what was the it thing! I must say that each one of those toys my children play with !

  2. great topic to write it on 🙂

  3. Monopoly always lasted too long for me. I liked stuffed animals.

  4. Wow! Didn’t realize some of these had been around that long!

  5. I did not know Monopoly even beats Lego.

  6. Monopoly will forever be popular becuase so many people can play at once and it’s sooooo much fun for all ages to play!! I have plaid Monopoly with people of all ages!! Also Elmo that thing is timeless…they are so popular!! I knew that Monopoly was a old game but I ddidn’t know it was that old, wow crazy. U know collectors have gold game pieces and these amazingly diamond encrusted gameboards…wow it’s nuts!!

  7. These are very interesting trivia about some iconic playtime favorites.

  8. HECK YEAH! Star Wars and Monopoly!

  9. I agree with all of the best toys. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

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