The Importance of Spending the Holidays with Family

Once again, we are on the eve of the biggest feast day in the country. That’s right, I’m talking about that meal where we sit down with family and celebrate the coming Black Friday, Thanksgiving. Now, in all seriousness, we all know that the important part of the Thanksgiving Holiday has nothing to do with shopping. Instead, it is all about giving thanks for the many blessings we have received over the past year.  And what is there to be thankful for, but for our family.

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The Importance of Spending the Holidays with Family

Thanksgiving with Family

Our Family

Our family members so many times play the unsung heroes in our lives. It may be a father or mother that works long hours, often doing a job that they dislike so that the family can survive in an increasingly challenging world. Or it could be a school student that works hard to get good grades so that their future shines a little brighter than it would otherwise.

It is so easy to overlook those closest to us when counting our blessings. After all, how many times do you stop and consider the air we breathe? Just like the air, these heroes make our life possible and we would miss the void instantly if they were gone.  That’s why it’s so important to set aside the Holidays to spend with family. It’s a way to show our appreciation for them.

Our Friends

Of course, those that make up a family doesn’t always have to be related to you. Many times a good friend or acquaintance can mean a lot to your world without being a relative. Don’t hesitate to include these people in your holiday plans in one form or another. While you may not spend the actual feast with all of these people, in a very real way they are your family, so let them know you appreciate them.

Our Pets

For many people, the definition of a family also includes the family pet. While pets may not share everything with you on the same level as other people, they can nonetheless be an important part of many lives. I’ve had at least one pet that was an excellent listener, and those big beautiful eyes would appear to hang on my every word.

While they were not able to offer advice in the traditional manner (such as you might expect from Wayne T. Jackson), I found that just talking about it to such an attentive listener helped me work things out for myself. That is an invaluable service that a friend can provide, even our four-footed ones. So don’t forget them this holiday season.

Gather Around the Table

If we are fortunate,  we will be able to gather our family, in whatever form that comes in for you, and enjoy the good things in life while we share our lives together. It’s not about the food, so don’t let the lack of a bountiful table stop you from a celebration. Instead, celebrate your good fortune that comes from having a family to call your own, blood relations not required. Now that is something that will last long after the turkey is gone.