You can Save Money at Target with Target Pharmacy Rewards #TargetSponsored + Giveaway

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j7r742ctvygvsv16uo23 IEL7 2ZGByMy son just started back to school last week. I know, can you believe the summer is over and school is back in session? I know, me either.

With school starting back all across the U.S. this month, I’m sure many parents like me can relate to the drain on the purse/wallet. Well, you can save money at Target with Target Pharmacy Rewards.

It’s all the more reason I love Target Pharmacy. When you fill five prescriptions you get 5% off a day of shopping. You can earn rewards faster by filling your pet prescriptions and getting Vaccinations like the flu shot. Add all family members to one account, too.

Receiving 5% off your shopping sure can help when you’re back to school shopping or shopping for Christmas gifts.

If you’re not already a Target Pharmacy customer, it’s so easy to Flip the Script (and Target accepts most insurances). All you need to transfer your prescriptions are:

  •  Name of your current pharmacy
  •  Phone number of your current pharmacy
  •  Prescription number

To transfer your prescriptions, you can do one of the following:

  •  Ask a pharmacist
  •  Visit
  •  Text RX to 827438 (TARGET)
  •  Call your local Target pharmacy

I told you, it is so easy to Flip the Script. Do it today so you can start enjoying the Target Pharmacy Rewards ! Not to mention by switching to Target Pharmacy you’ll have access to hundreds of $4 Generic Prescriptions and a price match guarantee!

Since I shop at Target all the time it just makes sense to Flip the Script, shop and use my rewards while I’m waiting on my prescriptions to be filled. I do love one-stop shopping.

Target is giving away a $50 Target e-Gift card to one of YOU, my Blog by Donna readers…

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents ONLY 18+. Ends 9/8/14 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. It looks like it would be convienent!

  2. I love the bottles Target Pharmacy uses! They are informative and easy to use!

  3. I like the $4 generic prescriptions & 5% discount.

  4. sounds like a great program

  5. I like that they offer generics and text you when your prescriptions are done.

  6. This sounds like a really good set of rewards—on top of Target being so very convenient already.

  7. I wish I lived closer to Target so I could take advantage of their pharmacy. I love the “When you fill five prescriptions you get 5% off a day of shopping.” deal.

  8. I really love the benefits and features using Target pharmacy, texting my prescriptions to transfer and the 5% reward that helps,especially the $4 generic meds too. I will be calling them today. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love going to Target to scope out their latest Dollar Spot goodies or the women’s clothing, so it would be really convenient for me to use their pharmacy!

  10. I love the idea of an occasional 5%off shopping trip!

  11. I am not a dad who likes to shop so if I can get my prescriptions filled and save money and shop while I am waiting, that is great.

  12. I would absolutely use the Target Pharmacy if it were closer to where we live. I like the 5% shopping discount.

  13. This is a nice incentive program that they have.

  14. I like the rewards program and the “fill five prescriptions, get 5% off a day of shopping” deal.

  15. We have been away from Target Pharmacy for some years, but it may be the time tonreconsider them.

  16. I like the $4 generics.

  17. It’s so convenient to get my prescriptions at Target. I can get some grocery shopping done and shop for other things while waiting! One less stop I need to make.

  18. I like the Target Pharmacy because for every 5 prescriptions that I have filled, they will give me 5% off of my shopping cart! That is a great reward.

  19. It is a great idea to transfer my rxs to Target. I am there all the time anyway, it will save me a trip to the drugstore.

  20. I have not used the Target Pharmacy yet but have thought about it. The 5% discount reward and $4 Generics are great to have.

  21. I have never used the target pharmacy, but it sounds amazing. I would totally check it out. Thanks for the great info.

  22. I love Target pharmacy, very convenient to my family to use since we shop there at least once a week.

  23. Wow! This sounds like a great program!

  24. It is so lovely and convenient to shop at Target, th,

  25. Seems like a great program they are offering. I love the 5% discount.

  26. It’s flu shot time again and I know Target Pharmacy is great about them.

  27. I had no idea how easy it is to Flip the Script! I love shopping at Target, but never considered using their pharmacy because I figured where I’m going now for prescriptions is cheapest…but I’m wrong! I love the idea of one stop shopping! Thank you for this information…it’s been very helpful.

  28. I started using Target pharmacy last winter when we got our flu shots there. They were really great there and I in turn started getting scrips switched from Walgreens. They’re super convenient to be in my fave store!

  29. I like the 5% off a day of shopping reward at Target pharmacy.

  30. Sounds like a good idea! I too am at Target a couple times per week, convenient to pick up prescriptions too! I wonder if you save 5% in addition to the 5% when using the Red Card?!

  31. I love Target. 1 stop shopping and a pharmacy!

  32. I have used Target pharmacy for about 5 years now and I love their rewards program. I especially love when I get those coupons right around the holidays!

  33. I love that Target offers a discount off a day of shopping for filling so many prescriptions. It’s truly a great benefit that nobody else in the game is offering!

  34. I love the rewards system they have. I also like the color coded tops for family members.

  35. I have been in the process of trying to convince my Nana to switch over to Target. I agree with you, I love the one stop shop, and I love how quick Target is. They are always so kind and will answer whatever questions you have and if they can answer them, they do their best!

  36. I love that they give 5% discount and that you can do other shopping while waiting for them to be filled.

  37. I love that you get a 5% discount when you shop! I love saving as much as possible! 😀

  38. Target Pharmacy Rewards sounds like it could save me some money, thanks!

  39. I’ve actually used target pharmacy before, I prefer pharmacies that are in places where I actually shop, so I can kill two birds with one stone.

  40. lovely

  41. Oh I love that they have the $4 generics! That would be wonderful for us since we have a deductible we have to meet first!

  42. I currently get my prescriptions from another retailer (not gonna say which one). The employees are unfriendly and they offer NO perks at all! It looks like it just might be time to make that switch to Target — since they are just as close as the pharmacy I currently use!

  43. I haven’t used Target pharmacy but like that you can save 5%.

  44. Target pharmacy really is a great place. They get to know the customers so that we don’t feel uncomfortable asking them any questions and the rewards programs are great.

  45. ive never used it, but i am open to it

  46. I was so happy to come across the pharmacy at our Target. They recently added groceries too (a great selection!) so now it can truly be our one stop shop!

  47. I love that Target has color coded bands for each family member. They are one of my favorite pharmacies but they are too far from my home.

  48. I would do my shopping while my prescription is being filled.

  49. Target helps my family save money on food and household items. I would love to try their prescription savings as well.

  50. I love the idea of rewards for target pharmacy and the cartwheel discounts

  51. Love the idea of getting my prescription filled while shopping.

  52. Wow, thanks for the information, I didn’t know about the prescription program, and I can get my pet prescription there, I will be sure to “flip the script”

  53. More and more if all in love with target.❤️

  54. I haven’t used their pharmacy but I’m not against it. I do love Target though!

  55. I love shopping at Target when I can, but it just isn’t close enough to where we live to be practical to use their pharmacy.

  56. This was a really good review. I didn’t know that Target filled pet prescriptions also. They really are the place to go

  57. I love that they text when your prescription is ready.

  58. I love the 5% rewards program! This would help towards my grocery bill.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  59. I think it’s awesome that they text when your scrip is ready!

  60. I like the Target Pharmacy because it convenient to get all of my other shopping done while filling my prescription, and I like the rewards so I can save 5% off a future shopping trip.

  61. I love Target but I don’t get to go there that often and they have so many good deals, thank you for so many great things

  62. Hey 5% savings is 5% savings in my pocket! I shop Target anyway so I may as well hook up our prescriptions while I am there anyway. Save some time and a little bit of cash too.

  63. I never really thought about using the target pharmacy but will now

  64. $4 generics!

  65. Never used Target Pharmacy, but saving money sounds like a good reason to start!

  66. I consider shopping at Target to be a hobby, not an obsession. At least that is what I tell my husband!

  67. I love that you can save money when you get your scrips.

  68. It is located near home.

  69. My best friend has used Target Pharmacy for years, but I have not yet tried it.

  70. I love the ease of being able to shop while you get your rx filled at Target. I LOVE target!! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I have not tried Target pharmacy. With 5% off you can’t go wrong!! Love me some Target!!

  72. The pharmacy at Target is where my aunt gets her medication for fibromyalgia. They are always so kind and help us save money.

  73. I love Target…its the only place I go.

  74. Would love to save money at Target pharmacy!

  75. I like that they have $4.00 generics.

  76. Love target!

  77. that would be so awesome! Thank you for this opportunity!

  78. Also, we don’t have a Target Pharnacy here in our area. What a shame!

  79. I love target!!! I haven’t filled scripts there but I do all my other shopping there. I may as well do scripts too!!!

  80. I get my flu shot every year here and I like that I can shop while they fill my rx and it saves me time.

  81. Target is awesome! Very smart to give a discount when signing up for their pharmacy. Save on shopping (while they fill your prescription) and on medicine.

  82. I’m totally looking forward to the day we get a Target a little closer to where we are—complete with a pharmacy drive thru! Ours is 30 min. away, which isn’t bad, but not convenient either. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  83. Love target their pharmacy plan sounds great

  84. I like that you get rewarded with a 5% discount when you fill 5 prescriptions

  85. I like that they offer discounts and cheap generics. I also like that they always have what I need!

  86. I’m a big fan of target but never used their pharmacy. Now I think I’ll have to!

  87. I’m in the process this week of switching over to Target pharmacy! The one here has an awesome pharmacist, a woman, and she is very knowledgeable 🙂

  88. I like the rewards they offer and the convenience of dropping off a prescription and getting my shopping done while waiting..

  89. i shop at target all the time. I like that you can get 5% off a day of shopping.

  90. I love how easy they make it to switch over to their pharmacy. Thats really great that you can just text them .

  91. I’ve never used target pharmacy, but I would give it a chance!

  92. I really like the text alert letting you know prescription is ready and the $4 generics

  93. I like shopping at Target and it is great to shop while waiting for my medicines to be ready. I like getting a text alerting me that my meds are readyy.

  94. I love that they have the 5% rewards

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I love Target. It would be really convenient to get prescriptions filled while I shop.

  96. I like the fact that they do a rewards program in the pharmacy.

  97. I love Target Pharmacy! I’ve found them to be the best price-wise.

  98. I love the price of the generics – $4.00

  99. Target Pharmacy Rewards is such a great idea!

  100. Wow I had no idea that Target offered you a 5% off shopping day when you fill five prescriptions! I will definitely have to look into switching over to Target pharmacy since I already do my personal and grocery shopping over there.

  101. I’ve never used the Target pharmacy but the extra discounts is tempting.

  102. I love $4 generics! That saves my family tons of money

  103. I love that target has a pharmacy it makes it so convenient

  104. Honestly if shopped here more I would transfer. I love the generics and the 5% off shopping after a certain amount of filled scrips. Great program.

  105. I’ve never used the Target pharmacy, but the perks sound great.

  106. i love the $4 generic prescriptions & 5% discount

  107. I like the idea of saving on my shopping 🙂

  108. When it comes to prescriptions I always forget about Target. I like the idea of having a reward that lets me save 5% when shopping. Every little bit helps.

  109. I have gotten prescriptions filled at Target before!

  110. I had no idea Target had 5% off your same day shopping when you fill prescriptions. The $4 generics is pretty great too. I never thought about filling my prescriptions at Target before but now knowing this I think I’m definitely going to.

  111. Saving on groceries because I use the pharmacy sounds great!

  112. I would love to use Target as my pharmacy. Unfortunately there’s not one in my town 🙁 They’re close enough for periodic shopping, but not close enough for medicine… Boo!

  113. I love the 5% savings!

  114. I love Target pharmacy! I pickup my grandma’s meds there every month.

  115. As much time as I spend at Target, I need to switch my perscriptions there! thanks

  116. So convenient! I can shop while I wait!

  117. I didn’t know they had a rewards program, i really like the sound of this!

  118. target is my fave store love the pharmacy they are friendly and fast and love the discounts you get…

  119. A few things that I like about Target pharmacy are : they price match, they carry generic prescriptions for cheap, and they have pet prescriptions !!! I didn’t know that! Oh, I also like the 5% off; that adds up if you go often. Thanks!

  120. I’ve thought of switching from Walmart. Not like I’m not in Target all the time anyway! I’m all for incentives too.

  121. I love the Target pharmacy! It’s great to shop and have my prescription filled at the same time!

  122. I fill my prescriptions at Target, I love my Target pharmacy. This is a great way to earn extra off at Target!!

  123. I like the $4 generic meds and also the discount for your redcard

  124. I love that you can get rewarded for getting prescriptions which you have to have. It’s not like they are asking you to do something extra to get rewards, which I think is a great idea. Definitely going to switch my pharmacy.

  125. Wish I lived closer to Target. I love target and would shop there more often if I did.

  126. Looks like it would be quick and cheap!

  127. It’s great that you can transfer prescriptions online. With two little ones, standing in line at the pharmacy is not my favorite thing to do.

  128. I’ve found the Target pharmacy & it’s staff to be extremely helpful. Either when I’m filling a prescription or looking for an over-the-counter item, they’re fast, courteous & helpful.

  129. I love target pha

  130. I love my Target because it also has a Starbucks so I can sip my favorite coffee while waiting for my prescription to be filled.

  131. Wow, that sounds like it would be very easy to transfer my scripts. I may have to check Target pharmacy out.

  132. I like how easy it is to transfer a prescription over to the Target pharmacy.

  133. I have heard good things but sadly I live too far away to use it.

  134. I love the Target pharmacy rewards! I also love that I can walk to our local Target!

  135. The $4 deals sound amazing!

  136. I switched from Walgreens to Target, being diabetic, I need a friendly pharmacy since I visit so often.

  137. I have personally never tried Target’s pharmacy but deals sound great!

  138. Awesome giveaway hope I win!

  139. Target is my pharmacy. Great prices and text reminders on refills 🙂

  140. $4 generic meds? I’m in! I love target (:

  141. Love the cheap generics offered!

  142. I’ve noticed the wait lines for prescription pick up, seems shorter than other places. Great information and I would personally like the informative labels on the pill bottle.

  143. Love the $4.00 generics.

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