Summer Lesson Plans

I know that school may be out for most of us for the summer, but I think it is important to continue your child's education.  Just because your kids are on their summer vacations doesn't mean the learning should be on vacation as well.  When learning is fun kids learn easier and quicker.

A to Z Teacher Stuff is a great resource for lesson plans, tips, printables and more and a great site to find summer lesson plans and ideas.  And the best part – it's free!  Which makes it a great site for homeschool material.  Whether you homeschool or not, you will find great ideas that you will be able to do with your child / children and they won't even know their learning!  So check it out for great free homeschool materials.

Oh, and a little bit of advice from me – keep reading!  It will help to reinforce their reading skills.  If you want your child's reading level to improve ( or at least not decline) during the summer, continued reading is the key.  You can find great summer reading programs at you local libraries or just simply make it a routine of reading to your kids every night at bedtime.  And let your kids see you reading.  It will build a lasting love of reading in your children!

My son loves R. L. Stine's  Goosebumps ( I know… he is only 5 ), and enjoys reading them before going to bed.  We would love to hear what your kids are reading right now, so share it with us.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy reading!!!


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