Remembering What’s Really Important At Your Wedding

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Bridezillas have something of a bad reputation when it comes to getting married and there are many horror stories that focus on normally pleasant women turning into complete monsters in a bid to try and make their weddings as special and perfect as possible. Of course it’s understandable that you might get nervous on your big day and really it’s sweet to want things to go as well as possible, but if you can’t relax even a little bit then you’re going to find yourself quickly losing friends and alienating the people you need at your wedding – possibly even the groom.

One way to avoid this happening is to make sure that you keep focused on the things that really matter at your wedding rather on the things that seem to matter so much. Is it really the end of the world if the food doesn’t taste perfect? No. As long as everyone has a good time and you have a great day that creates a lot of happy memories. Here we will look at some of the things that really do matter.

Everyone Gets Along: Making sure everyone gets along is something that is out of your control to a degree as people will get on or not depending on whether their personalities gel or clash. However you can help this along by making sure that your seating plan takes into account who gets on with who and by creating a generally stress-free environment so that there is little cause for argument.

Everyone Feels Welcome and Appreciated: It’s of course very important that you enjoy your big day as a bride and that’s why you’ll get a free pass on some occasions when you’re a bit nutty.

However, it’s also important to think about everyone else and to make sure that they enjoy the day – particularly the groom and your immediate family. Help them to do this by thinking of them in your planning (don’t choose food that you know no one will like), and by using wedding favors. Likewise, try to put aside some time (I know you’ll be busy), just to go over and say hello and thank you.

Nothing Goes Horribly Wrong: What counts as horribly wrong? Well the church burning down would probably count as something going horrible wrong, as would getting stuck in traffic to the point where you don’t actually make it to the wedding at all. Make sure you use a good wedding limo service, and avoid any kind of naked flames…

You Get Married: Ultimately what’s most important is that you get married to the person you love and show that love in the time-honored tradition.

While everything else can go awry, you can almost always rely on this part going right. In that sense then, there really is no reason to worry and if you focus primarily on this aspect you’ll find that everything just kind of falls into place and the whole wedding has a great feeling of love and happiness.

Today’s guest author, Sam Wells, works for a well-known limo service company in Canada. He is very friendly in nature and does his utmost to make the experience a memorable one for his customers. He enjoys writing and watching sports in his spare time.


  1. I was happy with a small wedding with family and friends.

  2. What I enjoy seeing as a guest is the bride and groom together, the dance , dinner and cake cutting. Watching them be together in their first moments of marriage. I also think it’s a nice touch when they take the time to greet each guest at the reception with the party favours. As opposed to a receiving line alone.

  3. I think being a bridezilla is incredibly selfish. While the wedding is about you to an extent, there are others to think about. I like your idea of keeping sight of the bigger picture.

  4. We had a small wedding and focused more on our honeymoon vacation! I don’t regret my decision at all.

  5. with my brother and his fiancee getting married soon this is a great reminder for them both! thank you!!!

  6. Hello, I really think a wedding planner is a good idea, because then you have someone else remembering stuff for you. Too much focus is on the wedding, when it is the marriage that is the important part. Vicki

  7. This is so important. I can remember getting wrapped up in all the petty things before my wedding.

  8. We had a very small wedding too. I am hoping that one day we an renew our vows and have family attend.

  9. I was so not a bridezilla, lol, our total wedding cost $2400 and it was just friends, family and celebrating this important right of passage.

  10. I got married in my back yard. It was very casual… who needs the stress.

  11. I wasn’t a Bridezilla …. in fact, I had no say over anything in my wedding and I LIKED it that way. It ended up gorgeous and intimate and perfect.

  12. we had several things go wrong at our wedding that I wsn’t happy with but today I wouldn’t change a thing because basically I can’t

  13. I had a small wedding with family and close friends. I think so often people get caught up in the idea of a large wedding and lose sight of what really matters. Great post!

  14. this is a great post weddings are a very special moment for husband and wife

  15. It is important to remember it is about the love of your significant other!

  16. We had a small wedding but it was more for my parents we did not have of our own friends there, we didn’t have friends at the time we had moved to Georgia to live with my parents.

  17. My daughter & her Fiance are thinking about getting married here real soon. I know there is a lot to do & a lot that can be overlooked. these are some great tips I’ll have to share with my daughter.

  18. I think weddings are overrated. I didn’t care much for mine, but at least all the guests had a good time!

  19. I was told to pick three things that I would be upset if didn’t go right and let the rest just happen. My wedding was great!

  20. Looking back, all the things I thought were important weren’t at all!

  21. I just heard a story this weekend from my sister in law about a family she knows that got so angry with their sons bride because of some stupid color choices and other inanities that they didn’t go to the wedding, cut off all ties with their son and have never seen their 2 grandchildren

  22. My wedding was modest and the setup we had planned wasn’t given to the new manager at the hotel, so the wedding table had doors behind it instead. By having the wedding and reception in the same place, we kept people from slipping on ice in January. We got compliments open bar which was all evening.
    The string quartet played during the ceremony and gave an elegant touch.

  23. My sister had just 30 people at her wedding last month since she wanted only the nearest and dearest to be a part of her special day. It turned out wonderful!

  24. If I could do it over again, there would be some things I would change about our wedding, but overall I was quite happy with the way things turned out. Must have been okay, 19+ years and we’re still together LOL!

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