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I love social media. Love it. I’ve met wonderful people through several social media outlets. Several I haven’t met in person, yet, but hope to some day. Many of these friends have done incredible things to help me… even though they have never met me.

I have had several great jobs (mostly freelance) over the last three years mostly due to a wonderful online friend, I have yet to meet. Now that’s social power.

Speaking of social power, a new startup, Social Power. It is a site that puts resolutions to every day problems into the hands of its users. I, like most everyone else I know, uses at least one social media site, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest to share everything from photos, to our personal day-to-day goings on.

And many of us use these social platforms to air gripes and complaints. Instead of just complaining, what if we could actually resolve our problems? What if we could really make a change? What if our voices really could be heard?

Social Power can do just that — because I am proof that social media can produce great and good things… and that was just one person. Can you imagine what 1,000+ voices can do?

What is Social Power?

Social Power is a platform that harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, big and small. “It’s a new type of platform for a new type of world,” says Social Power’s co-founder and president, Daniel Gleich. “We all love disruptive technologies, because they change the game and, in many cases, empower people. We see Social Power as both.”

The way Social Power works is simple. First, users post the most important, resolvable issues affecting them as well as others. Once a user shares that issue on the site, Social Power works to raise awareness for it within its own social network, while the issue creator does the same in his or hers.

When 1,000 people support a particular issue, Social Power turns it into an initiative. “This is when it gets exciting,” says Gleich. “Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of helping us create a resolution. We call those people ‘Agents of Change’, and once an initiative is formed, these Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving.”

Issues created by the site’s users run the gamut of nearly every facet of society, such as: “Supermarkets should offer all food about to expire at a 50 percent discount.” This issue, whose resolution will benefit both consumers and supermarkets, exemplifies the type that Gleich hopes users continue to post.

Gleich views such issues as the key to Social Power’s success, and foresees Social Power empowering every individual. “It doesn’t take a soapbox and a bullhorn to change the game,” says Gleich. “All it takes is an Internet connection and a meaningful issue.”

I tried out Social Power for myself. I have an issue with getting less product but paying the same price. Over the last several years, I’ve noticed shrinking products, but the prices remaining the same.

I feel cheated. I’m paying the same price (and sometimes even more) but for less product. It’s not fair, and I’m tired of it.

You get less slices of cheese, as well as less ice cream, toilet paper, and paper towels… just to name a few. Yet the prices don’t reflect the downsizing of the product. I would love to see this issue resolved.

Social Power website

It was so easy to do. Just set up an account — you can sign up using Twitter or Facebook if you want. Then confirm your email. That’s it. Easy peasy.

ShrinkingProducts Big Prices Adding Image and Deets to my Issue

Then I created my issue, added an image (you can use one of their images or add your own), and a description of my issue. Then I shared my issue on Facebook and Twitter. Now I wait anxiously for 1,000 people to help me support it. I hope you will be one of them!

I can’t wait for the ‘Agents of Change’ to help me create a resolution to the ‘Less product, Same price’ issue.

Watch this intro video that explains what Social Power does…

Please help me make a difference by showing your support for my issue; because we should not stand for companies taking advantage of us any longer. Are you tired of getting less for your money?

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  1. This is awesome! And you’re so right – drives me crazy when I buy something and notice it’s half the size of what it used to be!

    1. Author

      I see it more and more, too Carrie. I think as a collective consumer, we need to demand it stop.

  2. Social media used to be such a little thing, and now it is so powerful. It needs to be used to its fullest potential.

  3. Love the idea behind Social Power. The power of social media has proven to do amazing things hasn’t it.

    1. Author

      Yes, it has, Jenn. It can be bad and even scary/dangerous at times…. but I love social media and know that it really can be a great tool for good. 🙂

  4. I hear ya! Bought a can of salmon this week and noticed the can was tapered down from top to bottom to provide less salmon but still look the same. 🙁

  5. Love this idea, and since I feel there are truly no small issues, perhaps we can help support one another to encourage some real change!

  6. This looks awesome!!! I always have little things that I think of and think well what can I do about it….something like this would really have a great reach. I know I will be using this – thanks for posting about it!!

  7. I love the idea of this site and the thought that anyone can make a difference!

  8. I think company’s found a way to still provide product but to cut the cost of manufacturing it and put that cost in our pockets. Its 2013 and lets face it every thing is getting more expensive including the cost to bring it to stores and pay the people who drive it there as well as the people who unload the trucks and put it on the shelf. I notice the shrinking in quantity but if it means I don’t have to pay more I’m okay with that. I’ll either find me a coupon to cut the cost or wait for a sale. (sorry for the book)

  9. What a great initiative.People need to stand up to changes they disagree with. Creating change is accessible for everyone. I will definitely need to check this out!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I did not know we had this out there to help us “so called little guys”. I enjoy making a difference when I can & this sure does make that possible.

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