Reflection and Being in My Forties

I turn 44 tomorrow.  I was sitting here reflecting on my life and came to the realization that I love getting older!  I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.  Throughout my entire thirties, I dreaded birthdays.  I felt sad and maybe just a bit depressed thinking about another birthday and getting older…. being in my forties.

However, something happened when I turned 40, I don’t know if it’s that I came into my own, having a child a bit later in life or I am really getting wiser with age, but whatever the reason I love my forties!

I have never felt better!  I don’t doubt myself so much.  I feel more confident and secure in my decisions.  I am learning to enjoy life and not get so stressed about things that I cannot control. 

I appreciate things/people more.  I don’t take things for granted like I did when I was younger.  In addition, this one is a big one for me, but I have realized that I make happiness

What I mean by this is that if I want to be happy, I choose to be happy.  I don’t mean for this to sound so simplistic, but it truly is that simple.  If you want to be happy, then do things or make choices that will bring you happiness.  Now, I just recently came to this, as Oprah would call… ah ha moment, so it is still a work in progress, but I know I deserve to be happy, therefore, I am choosing to be happy!

Now all that being said, I admit my joints and muscles, etc, don’t feel quite as spry as they did when I was in my twenties, but I can jog/run a whole mile without stopping.  And, sadly, I can’t lose weight as easily or quickly as I did when I was younger.  However, in the big picture of life, these are small things.  As Richard Carlson says, “don’t sweat the small stuff” and 99% of it is small stuff!

I have been so richly blessed with a wonderful family.  A husband that loves and respects me.  He gives me encouragement when I need it, he’s my strength when I‘m weak , he’s my best friend and he’s my cheerleader!  My son is my inspiration.  He makes me laugh every day. 

Anyone that knows me knows how I love to laugh.  And my son has a quick wit and amazing sense of humor so I find myself laughing a lot.  It is true that laughter is the best medicine! 

But most of all my son gives me hope.  Hope for the future, because in his eyes and in his thoughts I see so much promise. 

I have wonderful parents that have always believed in me.  My mother is a phenomenal woman and I hope to be just half the mother to my son, that she has been to me. 

Last but not least, my friends.  I have had so many great friendships throughout my life.  Some were brief and fleeting, others for a little longer and two for a lifetime.  Some friendships old and some new.  I feel like each friend I have had in my life, however, brief, were very important to me. 

They each gave me so much more than they will ever know.  I think a person is blessed if they can have one truly close, best friend; I’ve been doubly blessed with two best friends!

Yes, I am happy about my birthday tomorrow!  Besides, it sure beats the alternative!  I would love to hear your thoughts about aging.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy life!


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  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow! I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago and I have to admit that I feel better about myself than I did at 30 or 20. I too am blessed with a terrific family and great friends. I do think my turning 40 had a lot to do with my recent decision to finish my bachelors degree. Haven’t been to school in almost 20 years, and I started with my degree program 2 days ago. It’s never too late!

    Happy Birthday to you!!

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