Rabbids Rumble Nintendo 3DS Review (by a 10 year old) #ubichamps #spon

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My son received a Nintendo 3DS game system for his birthday on November 25th. Four days before his birthday I received the game Rabbids Rumble and promptly hid it.

I knew he was going to be surprised. Honestly, he expected the 3DS… that’s all he asked for. As he made his plea for the gaming console, he even played the, “I’m going to be 10, in the double digits, and I’ll never be in the single digits again.”

Yep, he played us.

Speaking of played, he really does love playing games, from board games to video games, he enjoys it. Don’t get me wrong, we put some limitations on his game playing, but he is such a good student, so if he wants to unwind by playing video games, it’s fine by us.

But I digress…

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I was right, he was surprised. He said, “I didn’t ask for Rabbids Rumble, how did you know to get it?” I said, “Because I’m cool like that!”

Seriously, I did.

About Rabbids Rumble:

  • Collect over 100 deranged Rabbids – Capture over a hundred Rabbids, each with unique and wacky combat abilities.
  • Challenge your friends – Play intense 1v1 battles with your friends, mixing strategy and tactics with Rabbids’ crazy humor!
  • The battle continues in the street – Share scores, gain training bonuses, and unlock new Rabbids and items with other players you encounter with the Street Pass feature.
  • Complete your collection with Spot Pass – Thanks to the Spot Pass feature, you can download new, rare Rabbids every week on your Nintendo 3DS.
  • Experience the augmented Rabbidity – Interact with the Rabbids in new mini-games where they escape from your floor, fly around you or fight on your kitchen table!

He has played the game off and on over the last couple of weeks, and I can tell he really enjoyed it. So I’m going to stop talking (typing) now, and my son is going to review Rabbids Rumble. In his words…

RabbidsRumble Pic2 rabbids rumble Nintendo 3ds review

Zany. I really like Rabbids Rumble’s zaniness.  These bunnies are insane! They make me think of Elmer Fudd’s, “Wascally Wabbits”. But they are so much fun!

The graphics are really nice and extra cool when you use the 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS.

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The Rabbids are lose and I am gathering them all back up. There are 7 levels and I’m only on level 4 because I’ve been really busy with performing in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and rehearsing for “Around The World In 80 Days”, not to mention school, so I should be able to finish it before Christmas, though.

I give this game a 4 Star!

As of today you can buy Rabbids Rumble for $29.96 at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received above product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. As always opinions are 100% my own (and my son’s). Yours may differ from ours.


  1. Sounds like a game I would enjoy. I played Raving Rabbids on the Wii and you get to play it with your bum, lol.

  2. Looks like fun. Santa is bringing my son a 3DS this year. 🙂

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