PurpleHorror.com And Acai Berry

Mona vie I was wondering if anyone else was getting emails about acai berry?  I have been getting a few a day for more than two weeks now.  So I decided to do a little research.  Which brought me to purplehorror.com.  But first let’s talk about the acai berry…

What is Acai?

Açaí is a distinct purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. The açaí fruit may be found in some of the large palm trees that grow in the thick forest.  Unlike cherries, which grow individually in trees, the açaí berry grows in bunches, more like bananas.

What are the chief health benefits of Acai?  (all information comes from the acai berry website).

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves digestive function
  • Improves mental clarity/focus
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Provides all vital vitamins
  • Contains several important minerals
  • Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter
  • Acai has very high levels of fiber
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhances sexual desire and performance
  • Fights cancerous cells
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
  • Alleviates diabetes
  • Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart function
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves circulation
  • Prevents arteriosclerosis
  • Enhances visual acuity

WOW!  This sounds like a miracle pill!  These are lofty claims to say the least.  Especially the claim to fight cancerous cells and prevents arterioscleroses.  One of the major companies to sell acai berry in a juice is Mona Vie (Monavie).  Mona Vie is a mixture of 19 different fruits…including the exotic acai berry. Acai berry is the foundation of what’s in the glitzy bottle.

But, what many see as a miraculous cure…comes with a price. Mona Vie’s cost? About 45 dollars a bottle. That’s nearly $2.00 an ounce. With a recommended dosage of 4 ounces a day…one bottle will last about a week. Do the math…that’s more than $2,000 a year.  And your pocketbook won’t be the only thing to be effected; so will your waistline.  There’s about 20 calories in an ounce, and that’s what they say the serving is. And, keep in mind an ounce is like two tablespoons.

I will play devils advocate here and say, that Monavie says that a 4 oz. serving is the equivalent of 13 fruits and vegetables a day.  The price of that many fruits and vegetables every day would cost more than $45 dollars a day (now a days anyway).

Now we know a little about acai berry, now let me tell you about Purple Horror:

What is purplehorror.com?

Purple Horror is a blog that is entirely devoted to Monavie and acai berry.  It appears to have been started in February of this year and is a place for people to voice their opinions about the purple berry.  I assume the name purple horror came from the color of the berry and all the horror stories about acai.

You will find Monavie and acai berry bashers as well as supporters.  It has grown so large that it sometimes is slow to load.  But you can learn a lot of information about this little miracle berry.  There are a lot of people who have left their 2 cents.

I’m not a doctor or scientist, nor have I tried acai berry, in a supplement form or in Mona Vie’s juice, so I cannot personally say one way or the other.  I was just curious about acai after receiving so much email about it.

I think I’ll give it more time to see what else comes out about the acai berry before I decide to try it or not.  If or when I do, I’ll be sure to visit purplehorror.com and leave a comment. 

If you have tried acai berry we would love to know what you think of it?  Hope to hear from you!


  1. I lived in the northern area in Brazil in the city of Belem for an extended period of time. For the uninitiated, this is where the acai berry grows. After I got used to the taste, I used to eat pure acai with tapioca pearls nearly once a week if not more. I do know that it is very iron saturated and you can definitely feel it hit your stomach, but mix in a little sugar and it’s quite enjoyable.

    Just to clear it up, acai is not actually a berry. It has one seed that the "fruit" grows around like a thick skin. The fruit is removed from the seeds by throwing them into a mixer with water and it literally beats the pulp right off the seed.

    I’ll have to go look at purplehorror.com and see what’s going on.

  2. Thanks Nate for that information! I read it to be similar to a cherry (like a pit). I am curious, have you found the health benefits from acai that they claim you get?

  3. Monavie is a good product but tart cherry juice from concentrate has an orac score over 12,000 per serving with more health benefits and it cost only $5 or $6 for 32oz and you can purchase liquid glucosamine supplements to take along with it and get much more bang for your buck than any juice blend out there.I personally am no longer in Monavie and taking a new water delivered transport orac product instead which is great with a score over 7000 orac+ per packet and you can share with 30 people because of the packaging which is ingenious for the same price as 1 bottle of Monavie$35 and I signed up 8 heavy hitters from Monavie in 2 weeks including Jack Mosley 2 time boxing trainer of the year whom loves drinking it daily!Information: [email protected] Kent 909-593-4525

  4. I’m glad that you are finding such great benefits from acai berry! One day I may give it a try myself.

  5. @Tanya: Wow! You do have an inspirational story. I will have to delve in a little deeper into acai berry. Thanks for sharing!

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