Protecting Your Skin With Sunscreen

Most of us know that sunscreen is beneficial for our health. Protecting your skin with sunscreen is important in helping you to not develop skin cancer. But sunscreens are not all created equal.

sunglasses on beach protecting your skin
Protect yourself in the sun buy always wearing sunscreen…

There’s a large selection of sunscreen options that you can buy online and over the counter, like the ones you can find at Rocky Mountain Sunscreen and other retailers.

Protecting Your Skin with Sunscreen

There are several smart reasons to use sunscreen. Some of them include…

Avoiding Sunburn

protecting your skin
Avoid getting sunburns by wearing sunscreen.

Everyone knows that sunburn hurts. You might not know how debilitating sunburn is until you have one, but the temporary effects you feel and see usually have consequences that linger into the future.

Sunburns are strongly connected with serious types of skin cancer, and it also increases a person’s risk of melanoma. Children are at a higher risk of being sunburned, and taking care of their skin at a young age will lessen the risk of skin cancer in the future.

Maintaining Youthful Appearance

attractive beauty blond anti aging skin protecting your skin
Avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen when you are in the sun will help you keep a more youthful appearance.

Besides the health benefits we see with sunscreen, there’s a vanity reason to rub it all over your skin. The sun damages our skin causing wrinkles, age spots, and premature aging.

If the risk of skin cancer doesn’t convince you to use sunscreen, maybe the ability of it keeping you looking younger will.

Additionally, many cosmetic companies today produce sunscreen built-in to their cosmetics so that you take care of two issues at one time!

Help With Prescriptions

protect your skin
Wear sunscreen when you are taking antibiotics or some other prescription medicines.

Some of the medications we take make our skin extremely sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. This makes allergic reactions and sunburn more likely to happen.

When you buy sunscreen, check with your doctor or pharmacist about any medications you are taking so that you make the best decision possible.

Wear sunscreen to protect you and your loved ones…

Everyone should be wearing sunscreen. Even though some people are at a higher risk of developing cancer because of their genetics, any ethnicity can get skin cancer.

People with darker complexions think that the additional melanin keeps their skin protected from skin cancer, but this is not true.

Whether young or old, sunscreen benefits every single person. The next time you hear someone complaining about being smothered from top to bottom with sunscreen, you can explain the benefits.

protecting your skin
Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats when out in the sun.

A few quick tips to keep in mind…

  • When the sun is brightest, between 11:00 – 3:00, try spending more time in the shade.
  • Always wear a t-shirt, sunglasses, and a hat when out in the sun.
  • Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF15 (and higher is better), along with good UVA protection.

Stay safe and play safe in the sun by using a good sunscreen and protecting your skin.