Some clever and unique ways to wear a sarong

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Anyone who currently has a sarong among their clothing knows just how versatile and multi-functional these garments can be. They are great, effortless pieces to keep on hand, in a bag, or in the car, for quick-changes and dramatic transformations when situations merit such versatility.

Depending on the fabric chosen, most do not have the propensity to wrinkle and require little care beyond conventional laundering as needed. However, when buyers invest in more luxurious options such as raw silk or organic cotton sarongs, they may need to launder more carefully to maintain the shape and sheen of their treasured sarong.

There are some common uses and ways that these garments are worn by those owning them, and frequently sarongs are seen wrapped as a skirt, beach cover up, or an elegant shoulder-wrap.

There are some more clever and intricate ways to tie and wear a sarong, and the finished results rival even the most stylish cocktail dress or semi-formal ensemble. Some may choose to augment their sarong with accessory items such as jewelry that will further secure the sarong in place or that may substitute for the typical knots tied to maintain the garment’s shape and function.

Consumers may want to visit websites that depict unique ways of wearing and tying sarongs for more detailed instructions, however there are no rules pertaining to their usage. As long as the wearer is comfortable and confident, they are sure to look stunning in their chosen sarong, however they elect to wear it!

Some clever, unique ways to “dress-up” a sarong include:

Sarong Draped Dress

A draped dress is one way to take a sarong into a more formal event stylishly and easily. This starts with tying the two far corners of the sarong behind the neck, in a draping, cowl-neck fashion. The bodice is formed by then wrapping the material around the back of the waist and securing, allowing material to flow or cascade downward.

Sarong Bandeau Dress

A bandeau dress can be re-created with a sarong by wrapping the material horizontally across the chest and around the back. The material is then brought forward and tied in a knot at the bustline, allowing the fabric to flow down from the bust in the front. This is a great combination of a flattering, form-fitting cocktail dress with the added allure of the draping, flowing fabric in front.

Sarong Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is easy to achieve by wrapping the fabric across the waist, around the back and then bringing it up over the bust, tying the ends on one shoulder.


  1. Love these ideas! They look comfy and chic! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  2. I almost purchased one of those about 10 yrs ago on our honeymoon they look sooo comfortable and everyone was wearing one

  3. I love sarongs. They are so comfortable and there are so many colors and patterns available.

  4. I was just looking for ideas like this the other night. I want one to wear on an upcoming cruise. Thanks!

  5. I have a couple of sarongs in my closet right now. I’ll definitely try this if I can remember to. ~lol~

  6. I’ve only thought of sarongs for a swimsuit cover-up. The draped dress idea is beautiful. I still can’t imagine how to achieve that look myself though.

  7. I like the draped look – that’s really pretty for a casual summer grill out or patio party.

  8. I love that last version, it would be perfect for a day at the beach!

  9. That dress up sargong is so pretty. I usually just use it as a swim suit cover up.

  10. I really really like the second way. I may have to implement that this summer.

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