Print on Demand – Great WAH Business Opportuniity

I talked to you earlier about some of the work from home business opportunities there are for you for you out there.  I recently mentioned selling products online, and today I will go into this work from home opportunity in more depth. 

One great way of having a part-time and possibly full-time work at home job is through a POD business.  POD stands for Print on Demand.  POD refers to digital printing technology that allows one or two products to be produced, instead of a mass production.  There are several POD sites you can check out but I am going to mention three of them today. 

They are,, and all are online retailers that produces and dispatches user customized products on demand.  They are all very similar but I will speak specifically about because this is the one I’m personally familiar with.  You can open and operate a basic shop (as many as you want) for free.  They can be upgraded to a premium shop for a monthly fee.  After creating a shop, you can proceed to upload files, such as images (your own original artwork, photography, etc) or just text, to print on t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, calendars and much more.  You markup the base price for each product you sell and that is your commission.  The shop is managed by CafePress; they provide website hosting, order management, fulfillment, payment processing and customer service.  All you, the shopkeeper, has to do is take care of customizing the products you want to sell and promote you shop (and there are dozens of ways to do this that are free).

I have two shops through  I would love for you to check them out.  The first is BeShirtHappy and the second one is ShirtSecrets.  If you want more information on POD or on email me or leave a comment.  I will occasionally debut my new designs and those of other shopkeepers.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Enjoy life!!!


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