Personalized Gift Ideas From The Heart

personalized gifts from my chronicle makes a great gift

Taking the time to choose a gift is important, but sometimes the best gift is the one that has been personalized for the recipient.

Children in particular love receiving personalized gifts, because it’s always a novelty and a delight to receive a book or even a coloring book that is all about them.

Personalized gifts from My Chronicle Books is a prime example of the great personalized gifts that are available for children: books, coloring books, puzzles, greeting cards, and even stationery.

When contemplating the type of personalized gift to pick for the child on your list, consider not just their age and gender, but also their interests! A ten year old girl who loves to read would certainly appreciate customized bookends to use in her bookcase, while a six year old boy would enjoy a puzzle that, once put together, spells out his name.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a personalized book. This makes an excellent keepsake for any child and that child’s parents. Such a book can often be personalized not just with the child’s name, but with a picture, and even a special note from you to them inscribed in the front or back of the book.

Take the time to browse available personalized gift selections to ultimately pick out something truly special.


  1. personalize books are the best i still have the one i got when i was younger as a gift

  2. I LOVE personalize books for little ones. I think it really introduces a love for reading.

  3. I once got a personalized book for a birthday and it was my favorite, I loved it!

  4. i love personalized ideas

  5. We always buy things personalized when there’s an option!!

  6. I love personalized gifts! I bought a personalized ornament with our family members’ names on it this Christmas.

  7. How cute! I love when you can personalize gifts.

  8. Personalised books are a great idea for kids! It would engage them to read too!

  9. My daughter’s name is one I would need to order, it is very rarely available premade.

  10. Personalized gifts are something that can literally work for anyone no matter how old they are.

  11. I think personalized books are great for kids. My son had a couple that he loved to read over and over again.

  12. My son would love one of their personalized lunch boxes! And maybe it would give him a head start on spelling his name. 🙂

  13. I love Chronicle Books. I also love personalized gifts. 🙂

  14. I really need to get my son a personalized gift!

  15. Personalized books are awesome! My boys had several when they were little and they loved them!

  16. That sounds like a neat book and a great gift idea!!! Personalized books are the best.

  17. I’m always glad to get personalized things for my family. It shows that thought went into the gift, and what kid doesn’t want to read about themselves?

  18. I love giving my kids personalized items as gifts. A story would make a wonderful present for my nephew who is starting to develop a true love for books.

  19. We’ve already started reading to my grandson so this will make a great gift come Easter.

    Thanks for the idea Donna! Hope you had a great weekend! See ya in the blog-o-sphere!

  20. I love personalized gifts (books and anything else for that matter). If it’s decorated or done at home, I love it more than any expensive gift!

  21. I did several personalized gifts for the holidays this year and I’d only done books before. There are oodles of great options!

  22. Oh my goodness, I had a book made for my daughter about her birth! It was so cute! She is 21 and she still has it. I recommend them to anyone. They are so much fun, and they make great gifts too. Thank you for your story, and Happy New Year everyone!

  23. This is such a cute gift idea. Something that grows with them!

  24. i love personalized gifts

  25. That is such a cute idea. Little ones really do light up when they get these personalized books.

  26. My son loves anything personalized! He is at that age where seeing his name gets him all giddy.

  27. I love getting personalized gifts, and giving them! There is nothing better than getting something that is all about you! Thanks for the information!

  28. I love personalized books!! I think I still have one from when I was growing up

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