Get Perdue Farms Delivered to Your Door

When you think of Perdue do you think of chicken? Most of us do. I’m here to tell you that Perdue is far more than chicken. But one thing is for sure… their commitment to organic, antibiotic-free (NO antibiotics ever), grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-GMO, certified humane, and GAP (Global Animal Partnership) meat. And now, you can get Perdue Farms delivered to your door. It’s food you can trust and feel good about feeding your family.

delivered to your door

This is a sponsored post with Purdue. All opinions about the Perdue Farms’ new direct-to-consumer boxes delivered to your door and the other quality Perdue products besides chicken are 100% my own.

I know and trust that all Perdue products (chicken, turkey, beef, or pork) are going to be of the highest quality and I can feel good about feeding them to my family.

Perdue Farms Delivered to Your Door

And to make that even easier for me to do, Perdue has launched a new direct-to-consumer website where I can order healthy Perdue Farms products quickly and easily all from the comfort of my home. Then it is delivered right to my door.

I love that they offer bundles that help you save money.

Those that know me well, know I really dislike grocery shopping. So being able to order all my protein online, well, that makes this busy mom very happy.

But my favorite thing about the bundles is that it makes meal planning so easy.

It’s easy to come up with side dishes but I always have a tough time coming up with the meat or entree I want to make each day. The ‘Bundles’ make it easy.

I recently received the Perdue Farms Gatherings Bundle…

Included in the Perdue Farms Gatherings Bundle

Niman Ranch Fat Tire Ribs

The Niman Ranch Fat Tire Ribs have got to be the best ribs I’ve ever eaten at home before. They are meaty and so tender and delicious. Combining the highest quality all-natural meats with New Belgium Brewing’s award-winning Fat Tire Amber Ale creates the most delicious tasting ribs!

pork ribs
Start with the best ribs…
st. louis pork ribs
Place Fat Tire St. Louis Pork Ribs on a baking sheet in foil.
pork ribs
Wrap the Fat Tire St. Louis Pork Ribs tightly in foil and bake for approximately 45 minutes.
fat tire ribs
The Fat Tire St. Louis Pork Ribs are so tender, meaty, and oh so delicious!
fat tire st louis bbq ribs ig delivered to your door
Your family will love Fat Tire St. Louis Pork BBQ Ribs

The gentle sweetness and fresh hop bitterness of the beer enhances a tangy tomato-based BBQ sauce and pairs perfectly with applewood smoked ribs.

Niman Ranch Pulled Pork

The Niman Ranch pulled pork, with a smoky chipotle barbecue sauce, starts with the whole muscle. And chipotle pepper adds just the right amount of smokiness to the traditional Memphis-style barbecue sauce without compromising the flavor.

delivered to your door
Niman Ranch Pulled Pork makes a great lunch or dinner with a bowl of soup.

And each pack comes with a reusable microwavable container that makes it easy to heat and serve at your convenience.

PERDUE® Herbed Olive Oil Seasoned Wings

We love the PERDUE Herbed Olive Oil Seasoned Wings! And they save this busy mom time with no thawing necessary. You can bake them directly from frozen. These chicken wings are tumbled in roasted garlic and sea salt-infused olive oil before being frozen and packaged in a 2.5-pound resealable bag.

My kitchen was filled with the most wonderful smell from the herbed olive oil seasoning.

delivered to your door
Perdue Herbed Olive oil Chicken Wings
delivered to your door
Straight from the freezer to the oven.
delivered to your door
They turned out golden brown (some a little more browned since my son likes them that way).
Perdue Farms Chicken Wings
As a meal or an appetizer, Perdue Herbed Olive Oil Seasoned chicken wings are aromatic and so darn delicious!

You can kick up the already delicious wings up a notch by adding your own sauces, spices, and seasonings if you want.

My husband used his favorite BBQ sauce but my son and I loved the flavor of these wings just the way they are.

SONOMA RED® Organic Pasture Raised Whole Chicken With Giblets

Their pasture-raised and Certified USDA Organic Sonoma Red chickens are raised in the lush countryside of Sonoma County, California, where they are free to roam, roost, and feed as they wish.

delivered to your door
Sonoma Red Whole Chicken.
whole roasted chicken
The Sonoma Red whole chicken turned out so juicy. The breast is my favorite and it was golden and delicious… the perfect Sunday dinner.

Whole birds are air-chilled to preserve the chicken’s natural flavor. A healthy choice for you and your family! I roasted the Sonoma Red Whole Chicken for Sunday dinner and it came out so juicy. I don’t particularly like to cook whole chickens because they seem to always be dry, but not the Sonoma Red.

Niman Ranch Kielbasa

The Niman Ranch Kielbasa is a pork sausage that’s combined with a special blend of spices and slow-smoked over real applewood to produce the distinct flavor you want in a Kielbasa.

This sausage, like all their other sausages, is made with their heritage pork and finished without a casing.

Niman Ranch Kielbasa
Niman Ranch Smoked Uncured Kielbasa.
Kiebasa potatoes peppers and onions
Smoked Uncured Kielbasa with potatoes, peppers, and onions.
Kielbasa with potatoes, peppers, and onions
Kielbasa with potatoes, peppers, and onions.

I love making a kielbasa with potatoes, peppers, and onions. And I’m not sure if we’re the only people who do this, but we sometimes like to wrap the kielbasa, potatoes, peppers, and onions in soft tortillas… like a kielbasa burrito. So yummy.

Coleman® Organic Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders

Coleman Organic Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders make a great snack paired with your favorite dipping sauce or as a lunch paired with a salad, fresh fruit, or a bowl of soup, for example.

The certified organic chicken breast tenders are lightly breaded and oven-baked to golden delicious crispiness.

delivered to your door
Coleman Organic Tenders with a bowl of soup and some fruit for a delicious and satisfying lunch.

My son loves them for lunch.

The Gatherings Box sales for $82.99. That’s an 11% bundle discount vs. purchasing all products individually. Customers also receive FREE shipping on orders over $119.

I can’t recommend the Perdue Farms Gatherings Bundle enough. We have loved everything we’ve tried and I couldn’t feel better about feeding everything in the bundle to my family.

What’s better than good wholesome protein? Having it delivered to your door! It’s a win-win.

And right now when you place an order through Perdue Farms’ direct-to-consumer website you get…

10% Off + free Perdue Harvestland Diced Chicken Breasts on your first order, just use use Coupon Code: 10% Off and FREE Diced Chicken.

direct-to-consumer boxes