Papa Murphy’s Law Saving Dinnertime and My Sanity on Chaotic Days

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Being a parent is exhausting. Rewarding, but exhausting. Parenting a teenager can be especially draining. That’s why I’m so grateful for brands like today’s sponsor, Papa Murphy’s, for saving dinnertime and keeping us moms (and dads) sane during the busy and chaotic days of life. #PapaMurphysLaw #Ad

Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza saving dinnertime

Between either taking and/or picking my son to and from school (my husband and I alternate), extra-curricular activities, helping with homework, chauffeuring, housework, laundry, and my work, most school days are chaotic.

Papa Murphy’s Law

Papa Murphy’s Law is the exact opposite reaction to Murphy’s Law. When chaos inevitably happens, Papa Murphy’s Pizza is an easy solution to the dinnertime dilemma.

That’s why I love Papa Murphy’s so much… I can have a meal on the table that is fresh and it feels like a home cooked meal since I am baking it fresh and it goes straight from my oven to our table. Dinnertime around the family table is important to us, too.

Papa Murphy's Take and Bake pizza

Papa Murphy’s is the world’s largest exceptionally fresh pizza brand. Their pizza, from the dough to the freshly grated whole-milk mozzarella cheese, and to the hand-chopped vegetables, is prepared fresh daily in their stores. This makes me feel good knowing I’m feeding my family fresh ingredients.

And you can feel free to personalize your pizza exactly to meet your families’ needs. Want to remove a topping from the recipe? No problem! Want to add a topping? No problem! Want to order half a pizza for the meat-eaters in your family and the other half for the veggie-eaters? NO PROBLEM! Papa Murphy’s will happily accommodate your needs.

Papa Murphy’s is a mom’s best friend when it comes to providing a family dinner my whole family will enjoy.

papa murphy's pizza

The other day I stopped by my local Papa Murphy’s for a take and bake pizza just before picking my son up from school. I called my husband and told him to preheat the oven, and when we got home I put the thin crust chicken bacon artichoke pizza in the oven.

I made a garden salad and approximately 13 minutes later we were sitting around our dining room table to a delicious gourmet pizza and salad.

Papa Murphy's take 'n' bake pizza

Thank you to Papa Murphy’s for saving dinnertime and keeping this mom sane. Learn more about Papa Murphy’s story here.

How can Papa Murphy’s Law save your dinnertime when life brings you chaos?