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Want to improve your child’s math skills? Right now you can get an online math tutor (plus learning kit) with Revolution Math for ONLY $5! This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a fee if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting this work from home mom.

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Back when our son hated math.

My husband is a huge math person… always touting how math is the universal language. Our son, however, didn’t get the math gene from his father.

And like many kids (including myself when I was young), my son just hated math.

Kids that hate math think they hate it, but in actuality, it is because they just don’t understand one or more math concepts.

online math tutor

Online Math Tutor

If children can grasp the fundamental concepts of math early on, it will give them the foundation they need to understand and be good at math when they are older.

Many years ago when I, myself, was a math hater, my Mom got me a math tutor and it made a world of difference. The same held true with our son.

With today’s technology advances, getting an online math tutor couldn’t be easier. And I can tell you from personal experience, hiring an in-person math tutor can be expensive.

This is why Math Revolution is the perfect answer to supplementing your child’s education.

What is Math Revolution

Math Revolution makes learning fun. As a former teacher, I can tell you kids learn more when you can make learning fun. Revolution Math is a revolutionary program that’s designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills and love of learning.

The live, online interface incorporates an interactive learning experience with a story-based curriculum and Common Core-aligned math games. Students enjoy a small class size of only 4 students, allowing them to build confidence under the instruction of a dedicated teacher. 

Are your children virtual or hybrid learning? Or maybe you’re homeschooling? Or maybe they are struggling in math and you just want to give your child a head start and supplement their education? Whatever the case may be, right now is the perfect time to try Math Revolution!

Learn more about Math Revolution here.

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