What No One Tells You About Parenthood

When you are expecting your first child, you read all of the books about pregnancy, like “What to Expect When Your Expecting“, babies, and even toddlers. You glean information that is helpful to prepare you for the adventure of parenthood, but there are just some things nobody tells you anything about.

What no one tells you about parenthood

As a matter of fact, the things nobody tells you about parenthood could fill a book… or three, but in short here are just a few important details that are often left out.

​What No One Tells You About Parenthood

You Will Feel Like a Failure

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Don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly once you become a parent and actually manage to get that first diaper on correctly. It may be the only thing you feel like you did right for the next 18 plus years. Nobody tells you that once you become a parent, you will spend more time feeling like you’ve failed at every single thing when it comes to your child than you do patting yourself on the back.

It is what it is, so to speak. Sometimes your child will make you feel like you are messing up royally and sometimes your own expectations will make you feel like your failing miserably.

Trust me, especially when your sweet precious baby becomes a teenager — a know it all, rolling their eyes teen and everything is a battle, you may think you are one huge parent fail. I just keep telling myself, “This too shall pass.”

You Will Break Every “I Would Never…” Declaration

What no one tells you about parenthood. Never say Never.
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Before you become a parent you have these notions and ideas about how to be a parent. You always feel like you know exactly how to do it and exactly what those other parents that are blowing it should be doing. Accept the fact that you will make plenty of declarations regarding your child and they will almost always start with “I would never…”

You will have ideas about the things you definitely will and won’t do with your child. You might think “I would never let my child eat that,” but a few years later you’re letting him feed his face on exactly that. It happens often and will continue to happen.

Nobody tells you that you should never say never when it comes to your kids and that once you declare what you will or won’t do, you can bet somewhere along the way you will break that vow.

You Will Appreciate Your Own Upbringing More

What know tells you about parenthood. You become your mother.

Once you become a parent yourself, you begin to realize what a really, really tough job it is. You will look back and see how much your own parents sacrificed and gave up for you — or perhaps how much they didn’t. You will remember times when you were a real brat and your parents didn’t send you away or run off on their own or you will remember how much you desperately wanted to feel loved by your parents.

Having kids of your own makes you really appreciate your own upbringing. Even if you had a terrible childhood, you will appreciate your own upbringing more by understanding that it made you who and what you are now.

If you had great parents, becoming a parent will help you see how really great they were and how much you want to be like them. If you had terrible parents, becoming a parent will help you see how terrible they were and how much you want to do better.

You will find yourself saying the very things your mother did to you. The things you swore you would never say. You are turning into your mom.

What no one tells you about parenthood.

There are plenty of things nobody tells you about parenthood, and perhaps that’s because, well,  some things are better left to learn on your own. ​

Is there something you wish someone had told you about parenthood?

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  1. We all have the best intentions. The thing is we do the best we can with what we have. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Children are really a great blessing from God but they take alot of hard work and selflessness. Thank you for sharing

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