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Must Have Items for Your Annual Spring Cleaning

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: March 25, 2016 | Categories: Around The house, Home and Garden

As a busy mom trying to juggle all the things we have to do, it’s nice to get a helping hand from brands like today’s sponsors Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood. They want to help moms get their spring cleaning done quickly and efficiently so we have more time to spend with our families.

Spring Cleaning must have items #SpringClean16

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to start sprucing things up a bit. Open up the windows and give old man winter a wave goodbye till next year. I am so ready to start spring cleaning. 

Where do you start? The first thing you need to do is collect the supplies you’re going to need. Not just cleaning supplies, but hardware as well.

No matter which room you’re cleaning, you’re going to need supplies. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll need. Be sure to also print out the this spring cleaning checklist below to make gathering and shopping for your supplies much easier. Because one thing I know for sure, is the importance of being prepared.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Whether you’re cleaning your kitchen or bedroom, there are supplies you need that aren’t cleaners. These supplies can include vacuum attachments for cleaning the curtains or ceiling fans. A good vacuum will come with a number of attachments for handling a number of jobs. You might have a tool for cleaning in between couch cushions, an attachment for cleaning the carpet on the stairs, or even an extension for taking care of cobwebs.

Other hardware you’re going to need is a squeegee for cleaning windows. A good one will have a refillable handle that you can pour cleaner into.

Some other things you’ll need are, dusters, or maybe microfiber clothes for dusting. For floors you’ll need a broom, a mop and bucket, a steam cleaner, carpet shampooer (rent one if you don’t own one), and a dust mop.

Spring clean must haves #SpringClean16

And these must-haves — cleaning brushes, sponges, and paper towels. As for paper towels, I like to use Viva® Towels for its softness (like undershirt cloth), great for dusting and buffing (they’re soft enough for hands and faces, even). Yet they’re strong enough to wash dishes with since they stand up to several rinses and/or Viva® Vantage® with its scrubbing texture terrycloth. Viva® Vantage® is great to scrub off the toothpaste my son leaves all over his bathroom sink and countertop. With its cloth-like durability it great for stove tops and even patio furniture. They’re both strong and durable paper towels, I just make sure I have at least one of them on hand.

Spring Cleaning must have items #SpringClean16

Use totes or baskets to store Cottonelle® or Scott® 1000 toilet paper in.

Speaking of clean, spring is a good time to stock up on Cottonelle® or Scott® 1000 toilet paper. I especially stock up my guest bathroom. I want to make sure any guests we have in our home have access to plenty of Cottonelle ® to clean their bums. Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture, which is designed to clean better than the leading national value brand. They’re really isn’t anything worse than running out of toilet paper.

You’ll also want plastic spray bottles for mixing your cleaners, if you choose to make your own and plenty of trash bags. Oh, and don’t forget a cleaning tote for carrying your supplies.

Must have spring cleaning items #SpringClean16

Lastly, you want to have things that help you organize as you clean. These items include baskets, wall hooks, drawer and cabinet organizers, plastic totes, and a label maker.


You can go different routes when it comes to spring cleaning. You can choose to go the natural route or you can choose stronger cleaners. If you’re going to stick with natural cleaners. The cleaners you need are very limited, but tried and true…

You’ll need white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and water. That’s it.

If you want stronger cleaners for cleaning your home. You’ll need a good all-purpose cleaner, bleach, cleaning wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, furniture polish, a powder scrubbing cleaner, and air fresheners and/or essential oils.

With all these cleaners and hardware, you’ll have a spotless and spring clean home in no time.

Must have items for spring cleaning #SpringClean16

I’ve started with our master bedroom and bath first because they are the two rooms I neglect the most. No one but my husband and I really go into them, so, well, needless to say, the are due a good spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is so much easier when you have everything on hand and ready to go. Whether it’s vacuum attachments for handling various jobs or white vinegar for cleaning without the harsh fumes, these are supplies that will make your spring cleaning much easier.

Be sure to print out the FREE spring cleaning checklist HERE before you go shopping so you can purchase any items you will need to spring clean.

Spring cleaning checklist #SpringClean16

I stock up on all my cleaning supplies and hardware/tools at Walmart. With the great deals you can find on Viva®, Cottonelle®, and Scott® 1000 products, just to name a few, it’s a great place to shop for spring cleaning supplies. Check out the Kimberly-Clark Family Care Walmart site to stock up on all your spring cleaning essentials.

I have a Spring Cleaning Pinterest Board that’s a great resource, too, so be sure to check it out. Get more spring cleaning tips from Kimberly-Clark from the infographic below.

Spring Cleaning tips #SpringClean 16

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