No more ‘Lost’ in the Lost and Found with Mabel’s Labels

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I wonder if it’s a boy thing… losing things. Misplacing things. Forgetting things. All I know is I have a boy. And MY boy cannot keep up with his things. I’ve also gone through the lost and found pile at my son’s school, and it is amazing the amount of coats and jackets, lunch boxes, and water bottles are there.

So my son isn’t the only one. I guess I’ll take comfort in that.

But recently I received something that will make finding my son’s “lost” things a breeze. That something is Mabel’s Labels!

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Mabel’s Labels is a company that sells labels and tags for pre-schoolers to tweens. The labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, water proof and UV resistant. How awesome is that?!?! The labels are so cute, too! My son’s are personalized with his name on them.

I think the next time I get some, I’ll put his last initial on them, though. Which there’s not a lot of kids at his school with the same first name. So at least it will narrow it down considerably, among the 1100+ students attending his school.

School started back here mid-August (I know, way too early), but I know many schools just started back this week. So be sure to order your labels, today!

Here’s what is included in the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo:

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Skinny Minis – Perfect for small items, like pencils and because they’re durable, water-proof, and dishwasher safe, they’re perfect for water bottles. My son takes his water bottle to school daily, so the Skinny Minis are a lifesaver!

Tag Mates – These laundry safe, peel and stick clothing labels are ideal for your kid’s clothing. No ironing or sewing required. Great for school, daycare, and camps, especially sleep away camps.

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Shoe Labels – These round, extra tough, waterproof labels fit onto the insoles of shoes. I think these would be really handy at the bounce houses where children have to remove their shoes.

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Bag Tags – These sturdy, waterproof metal tags are great for backpacks, sporting equipment, lunch boxes, and luggage.

You can purchase your own labels from their online store and you can find their Write Away Labels in Canada at Walmart. You may find Mabel’s Labels here in the US Walmarts soon!

You can follow Mabel’s Labels on Twitter and like Mabel’s Labels on Facebook.

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  1. These are one of the best labels i’ve used with my kiddos.

  2. I think it’s a boy thing too!! I am so serious…this includes my husband who is forever “losing” the same things over and over again. I mean how can you not find the same thing everyday? LOL! The boy’s are just the same too! I wonder if they do it to aggracate me!!! 🙂

  3. My daughter is starting to attend church nursery and MOPS childcare so these would be really useful for her drink cups!

  4. I am thinking that my twin boys may begin to lose things of theirs as well soo. Right now they are just 15 months but I can already tell they are so different than my daughter was at that age. These Mabels Labels will really come in handy at my house!!

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