– Your Child Could Have Their Video Shown On Nick or TurboNick

If you have children you probably have heard about  If not I know you are familiar with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.  At Turbo Nick your kids can make their own video and submit it to Turbo Nick.  If they show it online or air it on TV they will contact you ahead of time.

According to Wikipedia "TurboNick features up to 15 hours of new programming every week and includes advertising. In its soft launch phase that commenced July 1, 2005, TurboNick has garnering more than 1.25 million streams."  This is my only issue with TurboNick, is that the web site uses advertising.  To their credit you are warned about the advertisements before officially entering into their site.

Shows like Drake and Josh, iCarly, Rugrats and SpongeBob SquarePants to name a few are streamed on their web site. 

So if you have a future director or actor/actress on your hands, let them make a video and submit it.  It could be a great creative outlet!