Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Coming Soon

jpg_fairy006 If you go to the Pixie Hollow web site it tells you that Pixie Hollow will be coming soon with the tag line “Fly your Fairy into the virtual world of Pixie Hollow.  I believe pixiehollow.com is getting ready for the new Disney movie ‘Tinker Bell’.  If you have daughters they can go ahead and make their own fairies, now. 

There is a section for parents with activity ideas and more.  A ‘Meet the Fairies’ section and my favorite ‘create your own fairy’ section plus much more.

It is a free site.  Just register and start exploring.  There is so much to do on the Disney web site, for both girls and boys. 

I highly recommend you check out pixiehollow.com and I’m sure your kids will love exploring Pixie Hollow and the Disney Fairies.