Take the Music With You Anywhere With The Altec Lansing Boomjacket Jolt

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Today’s phones, tablets, and computers are amazing, certainly. And the amount of music they can store is enough to please any music fan. But when you add in streaming services, suddenly you have instant access to many millions of songs.

Altech Boomjacket

With all of that amazing music at your fingertips, you are going to need some way to listen to it. And while the built-in speakers do amazing jobs for their size, sometimes the tunes deserve. a bigger speaker. That is where a convenient Bluetooth speaker is so handy. And today we are looking at one that will go anywhere with you, the Altec Lansing Boomjacket Jolt at Best Buy.

A Go-Everywhere Speaker Companion

One of the most important characteristics of the Altec Lansing BoomJacket Jolt Portable Bluetooth Speaker is that it is built to survive the elements. It is hailed as being waterproof, snow proof, and dirt proof. And with an IP67 Everything Proof rating, it delivers on this claim. And with today’s smart devices becoming waterproof and more durable, it is important to have accessories that can stand up to the environment you play in as well.

boomjacket speaker

Not only is the Boomjacket Jolt durable, but it has the reserve capacity to match. The speaker will deliver clear immersive sound for an impressive and uninterrupted 30 hours.  Yes, you can party all day, all night, and still be going strong by the time lunch rolls around the next day. Now that is how I like my accessories to work.


Did I mention that the speaker even floats? Seriously, take it with you anywhere.

Quick and Easy Connections

The Boomjacket Jolt connects to your devices through a Bluetooth connection. I tried it and found that the process was as simple as any I have used. Once paired, simply turning the device on automatically links it to the music source, making it easy to use in the future.

The speaker had an impressive wireless range for a Bluetooth device. I was able to go everywhere in the house away from the test music source (an iPhone XR), and the speaker failed only when I left the domicile, putting multiple walls and the brick outer structure between it and the source. Excellent.

One very cool aspect of the device’s connection capability, which I was not able to test, is the capability of connecting multiple speakers to a single source. The speakers support a House Party Pairing mode, which allows you to connect up to 50 speakers at once to really pump up the party. I can imagine that this would be simply awesome with a group of friends.

Built-In Qi Wireless Charging Pad

I’ve already mentioned about the 30-hour playback capability. This speaker really packs some reserved juice. And you can put that juice to work charging your other devices. In fact, the device even has a built-in  Qi Wireless Charging Pad. If your phone or other device supports wireless charging, just lay it on the pad (conveniently located on the top of the speaker)  and it starts charging. It couldn’t be easier.

However, you may be like me and have a case on your device that isn’t conducive to wireless charging. If so, you can use the handy USB port on the speaker to charge your devices. You will need an appropriate cable to go this route, but it does remain a handy option.

A Light Show to Boot

The Boomjacket Jolt not only has great range, large capacity, and wireless charging, it also gives you a light show. The unit incorporates two ring lights built into the unit which can be set to pulse with the music (in varying colors) or just slowly change.

altec boomjacket

While this is the feature that I would probably use the least, it is still a nice touch, And if you are using the House Party mode with fifty of your Boomjacket Jolt toting friends, well, I have no doubt that the phrase “epic” would fit when enabled on a dark night.

In Summary

All said I am impressed by the Altec Lansing Boomjacket Jolt. The large power capacity keeps the music flowing, even on multiple outings between charging. I love the wireless charging capability, making it even more of an indispensable device, almost to where it is even practical for business types.

The unit has a good hefty feel, something I have come to appreciate in today’s crop of accessory speakers. The bass isn’t overpowering, but you definitely know it’s there. The top controls are well placed and easy to use.

waterproof speaker

As I write this I am listening to my Daily Mix 1 from Spotify, and I am pleased with the audio candy. At half volume, it is almost too loud for concentration, and it stays clear and crisp all the way to full volume. Phone calls work just as well, with the other party having no problem hearing me over the speaker.

The Boomjacket Jolt at Best Buy is everything I could ask for in a traveling Bluetooth speaker, and then some. What can I say, I like this handy, go-anywhere accessory speaker. Lightshow included.