Monday’s Weekly Goals

Every Monday morning (or Sunday night), I write down my goals for the week.  This gives me a guide to keep me on track for the week.  So I thought since I write them down every week anyways, why not share them here so other wahms and sahms can see how I set my weekly goals, and maybe it will be of some help to you.  So for the week of May 12 – May 16 here are my goals:

  1. Graduation and Father’s Day designs – get them uploaded to Be Shirt Happy, and descriptions written by the 13th.
  2. Research, take notes and make outlines for some blog ideas.
  3. Start revamping Shirt Secrets.
  4. Get some more of the designs I created last week on BeShirtHappy by Friday.
  5. Update my social networks – Mainly Facebook and Twitter.

Now remember, always be flexible with your goals.  Because sometimes life happens and you may need to readjust your goals.  I do strive to stick to my goals as best as possible, but I do not get stressed or beat myself up if at the end of the week I didn’t reach every last one.

If you set goals each week share with us how it works for you.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy Life!!!