Monday… isn’t it Friday already?

You know how some Mondays just make you feel like going back to bed and waking up on Tuesday? Or, wish it was already Friday? I know we've all experienced those kind of Mondays. I happened upon an image that made me literally lol (okay, more of a chuckle), and caused me to look for similar images that depicted how Mondays can make you feel.

I'd like to share them with you… hope you enjoy!


Free Orkut and My Space Monday Graphics Glitters myspace graphic comments


hide it's monday cat



i hate mondays demotivational poster 1256286494


ooohhhh  i hate mondays


demotivational posters

is it monday again? myspace graphic comments


Free Facebook, Orkut and My Space Monday Graphics Glitters


yep monday demotivational poster 1225113285


happy monday back to work demotivational poster 1273464816


demotivational posters - I HATE MONDAYS

monday frown bad horrible demotivational poster 1228681002


funny pictures MONDAY MORNING

So if your Monday isn't turning out so great… at least these may make you smile. Happy Monday!


  1. hahaha those pictures are fantastic. I had just tweeted that I have a case of the mondays so I’m going to serve it a subpoena and then I saw you wrote this post. Perfect timing.

  2. Dee – I usually need a pick-me-up on Mondays, and these helped. 🙂

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