Mompreneur: Here’s How To Sell Using Your Blog For A Sustainable Income

In the current age, it isn’t unusual to make money blogging. Many individuals, including us moms, dream of taking control over our earnings this way. You won’t have to worry about missing school pick up because the boss kept you late. Instead, you’ll be your own boss, a Mompreneur. You can give yourself time off whenever your kids need.

Most money from this pursuit comes from various advertising avenues. It may be that you use affiliate links, offer reviews for cash, or merely use advertisements on your page. All of which can lead to monetary compensation.

But, when you have a family, earnings from advertising alone may not be enough to sustain you. After all, advertising income is patchy at best. Even the most successful bloggers may struggle to survive from this avenue alone.

It’s no surprise that many bloggers out there decide, instead, to branch out by selling merchandise, too. Most often, this involves ebooks and other cheap to produce products. Or, you may splash out with t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags instead.

Either way, pursuits like these are a fantastic way to boost blog earnings as a mompreneur. At least, they are if you get it right. And, here are some of the steps you should take to ensure that happens.

Mompreneur: Here’s How To Sell Using Your Blog For A Sustainable Income

Mompreneur: Here's How To Sell Your Blog For A Sustainable Income
Set up your store

Of course, you can’t sell anything until you attach a store to your blog. The good news is, there are many guides on how to do this. There are a few different methods, including widgets, embedded links, and navigation buttons. By heading to sites like, you can research each one and decide which would work for you best. Depending on your blog host, you may even be able to incorporate a store straight onto your blog. Find out your options, then get to work.

Manage your payments

With a bit of luck, it won’t take long until you start to receive orders. But, before that happens, you need to develop methods for managing your payments.

If you’re uncertain, you could always subscribe to something like the quote to cash service offered by This would help with technicalities such as invoice payments and document storage.

Or, you could go it alone. In this instance, you’d need to consider whether you want Paypal or card payments. Think, too, about how to store all necessary sales documents.

Mompreneur How to use your blog to set up a store to sell for sustainable income

What about the postage?

And, of course, owning a shop doesn’t end there. You also need to think about your postage. Find out about prices beforehand. Include these within your payment options so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

To keep costs down, it’s worth contacting private couriers. Often, this is a cheaper way to send multiple packages at once. Plus, this will ensure your packages always arrive in decent condition. Bear in mind that this only works if you send everything in one go.

It may be worth adding a note to let customers know your send off date. Otherwise, they may complain about waiting a few weeks for their order.