Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

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It has been one hot summer here, and there’s still two more months of summer left. To enjoy summer, I take certain precautions for myself and my family, like wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. I do the same thing for our dog, Baxter. He is family, and we want to keep him safe during the summer months, too.

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer...

Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Plenty of Water

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer, plenty of water...

Just like we need plenty of water when it’s hot to keep from dehydrating, our pets do, too. We take a collapsable water bowl with us when we take Baxter on hikes with us. It’s easy and convenient and we make sure he has access to water at all times. And we take his water bowl outside if we plan on being out for awhile.

Balanced Nutrition

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer, by providing balanced nutrition with RawRev dog food...

A well-balanced diet is important for dogs to stay healthy and active in the summer. Wellness CORE RawRev is the perfect dog food to keep our Baxter energetic during the hot summer months.

RawRev is a convenient, safe, and easy way to incorporate raw food into our dog’s diet. RawRev is a high protein dog food for lean body mass and muscle tone, which is important to us. We want Baxter to be fit and healthy and able to exercise and play to his little heart’s content this summer.
Wellness CORE RawRev is a  grain free protein packed kibble that is combined with 100% freeze dried raw meat pieces. We are taking care of Baxter’s whole-body health with the power of raw.

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer - avoid the hottest part of the day...

Between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. is the hottest part of the day. During these peak hot hours, it’s best if you can to avoid having your dogs out, unless it’s just to go potty. If dogs are playing or exploring it’s easy for them to overexert themselves, so keep outdoor activities limited to before and after the hottest part of the day.

Check for Ticks

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer - check your dogs for ticks.

You should always check your dogs for ticks when they play outside or spend any time on walking trails. The summer is especially bad for ticks. If you make checking for ticks a part of your regular routine, you will be able to keep your dog safe from any tick borne diseases.

We take Baxter on hiking trails a lot and checking for ticks has become routine for us.

Good Grooming Habits

Ways to keep your dog safe this summer - grooming and clipping your dog's nails.

Another way to keep your dog safe this summer is by incorporating good grooming habits. Our Baxter is a long-haired dog, so it’s easy for his coat to get matted, not to mention that long-haired dogs can get more overheated in the summer months, so we like to keep his hair trimmed.

It’s just as important to keep your dog’s nails and paws trimmed. Around your dog’s paws, dirt and debris can get stuck in the hair which can get matted and stuck between their paw pads. This can be painful for your dog. Clipping your dog’s nails is also important because if they’re too long and they touch the ground, they exert pressure back into the nail bed causing pain for the dog and pressure on their toe joint.

Plenty of Rest

Ways to keep your dog safe - let you dog take rest breaks...

If you are enjoying outdoor activities with your dog during the summer make sure to give pup rest breaks. Allowing your pet to have ample rest will keep them from over-heating. If you can’t take your dog indoors for a break, find a shaded spot for them to relax before enjoying playtime again.

If you incorporate the above tips, you and your dog safe so you can enjoy a fun-filled summer.

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