6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit and Safe on Trails This Spring

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I love spring time. The weather is warming up, and it’s a great time to get outdoors, whether it’s working in the yard or walking or hiking the many trails in our area, we’re excited about doing more outdoor activities.

Ways to keep your do fit and safe on trails #RememberBeyond

We enjoy taking Baxter, our Shih Tzu, with us as much as possible. He loves being outdoors and especially enjoys exploring trails when we go on walks or hikes.  So we decided to go for a short walk this past Sunday. After packing a backpack with some essentials and feeding Baxter Purina Beyond Small Dog Essential dog food we were on our way for our walk.

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails #RememberBeyond

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails #RememberBeyond

Before you venture out on your walks or hikes with your dogs, though, make sure you keep Fido fit and safe. Here are…

6 ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails #RememberBeyond

6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit and Safe on Trails

Keep Water Available

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails. Keep water available #RememberBeyond

Just like we need to stay hydrated when we are walking or hiking, our dogs need to stay hydrated, too. Keeping fresh water available at all times is important and when you go on walks or hikes with your pup be sure to take water for your dog. We usually just pack Baxter’s water bowl in our backpack and extra water bottles for him.

It can get hot and sometimes strenuous on longer walks, so it’s important to have plenty of water for everyone, your pet included.

Keep Nails clipped & Paws Neat and Trimmed

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails in warmer weather. Trim and clip dog's paws and nails. #RememberBeyond

This is especially important on trails. If you don’t keep the hair trimmed around your dog’s paws, it can get dirt and debris stuck in the hair which can get matted and stuck between the paw pads. This can be painful for your dog.

Clipping your dog’s nails is also important because if they’re too long and they touch the ground, they exert pressure back into the nail bed causing pain for the dog and pressure on their toe joint. It can make walking and running more difficult for them. Either trim them yourself or take them to a dog groomer who can take care of them for you.

Keep Vaccinations Up-To-Date

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails in the warmer weather. Keep vaccinations up to date. #RememberBeyond

There are diseases prevalent in wildlife, like rabies and distemper, that can infect unvaccinated dogs. To keep your dog healthy and safe on trails, keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date.

Regular Exercise

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails. Daily exercise is important. #RememberBeyond

It’s important for your dogs to get daily exercise. It will make taking them on a hike or walk on trails much easier if they are used to regular exercise. Just like we need regular exercise for our hearts and weight management, so does our canine friends.

Rest Breaks

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails. Give your dog rest breaks. #RememberBeyond

Just as important as exercise is for our dogs, so is rest, especially when on a hike or walk on a hot day. After playing and exploring let your dog take a few minutes break every little bit to rest. It’s a great way to keep them safe on trails… a way to recuperate.

Feed Your Dog Food For a Healthy Lifestyle

Ways to keep your dog fit and safe on trails. Feed your dog good for them dry dog food like Purina Beyond Small Dog Essentials. #RememberBeyond

It’s important that our dog eats a well-balanced diet, a dog food with real ingredients and no corn, wheat, or soy, like Purina Beyond Small Dog Essentials. This is just one of the many reasons I believe in Purina. Other reasons are that Purina Beyond contains no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, as well as no poultry by-products meal. And meat, poultry, or fish is the number 1 ingredient. I also like that I can count on every bag of Beyond to be safely sourced ingredients. Every. Time.

But what I love most about Beyond is that Beyond’s natural nutrition is backed by pet nutritionists. That’s all the proof I need. All of these reasons make me believe in Purina as the perfect dry dog food for our Baxter.

Purina Beyond at Kroger

Purina Beyond at Kroger #RememberBeyond

I’m grateful that I can stop by Kroger to pick up dog food for Baxter. I shop at Kroger several times a week, and it’s so convenient to pick up Baxter’s dog food while I’m grocery shopping. As a busy mom, it saves me so much time.

During the month of April shoppers will be able to grab an exclusive digital coupon for $3 off any Purina Beyond dry dog food online at http://cbi.as/7o440. Be sure to grab this Kroger offer (it ends 6/29/17). Click on the image below, and all you need to do is “check the Beyond box on the left” to find the offer.

Purina Kroger safe on trails

Keeping your dog healthy and taking some precautions will help keep your dog fit and safe on trails during the warmer weather, regardless what outdoor activities you and your dog are doing, these tips will help your dog live a happier and more active life. Remember Beyond the next time you stop by Kroger.

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