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Whish Shaving Products

I wish that I never had to shave my legs. I do. I find shaving my legs such a chore. Not to mention that after this harsh winter we just had, I let my legs go.

They were so dry and well, I don’t shave as often in the winter months, so starting to shave again is a bit harsh on my legs. Thank goodness I recently discovered Whish.

Confession: I usually just use my body wash to shave my legs, because I’ve never found a shaving cream I really liked. And I’ve used my husband’s shaving cream before, but hate the smell. I was thrilled to receive Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream  and Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel to try recently.

I am hooked. My legs have never felt smoother, for longer, before. And the scent… aaaah, pomegranate. Sweet, sweet smell of pomegranate.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream has the power of men’s shaving cream but without harsh chemicals or drying foam, perfect for a woman’s delicate skin. Now that warmer weather is here, I want to wear shorts and skirts, so my legs are going to be exposed more, and I need to pamper them. Whish Shaving Cream will do just that.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Natural Squalene works as a natural moisturizer
  • Organic Shea Butter protects and heals to reveal young and healthy skin
  • Organic Green Tea provides sun protection and anti-aging properties
  • Organic Coconut Oil is high in antioxidants, coconut acid helps penetrate into the underlying skjn tissue to deeply moisturize while preventing and protecting against free radicals
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil seals in moisture for hydrated and radiant skin

Using Shave Crave Shaving Cream

1. First, soak skin in a warm bath or shower preparing your skin for the moisturizing, soothing, and indulgent experience.

2. Swirl a quarter size dollop of your favorite Shave Crave (size of a dime for underarm and bikini) to damp skin with fingertips or with the Whish Body Brush (see below).

3. Always apply the cream in a circular motion, causing the hair follicle to rise. When the water mixes with the delicious smelling shave crave a smoothing cream will form.

4. Shave with the grain in smooth long strokes. For an even smoother and closer shave, or if you just love the feeling of shave crave on your skin, re-lather and shave against the grain.

5. Smile, you now have a close and wonderfully simple way to shave!

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream is available in a 5 ounce container for $20 at Nordstrom.com. Available in six essential oil based flavors: Lavender, Almond, Blueberry, Lemongrass, Coconut and Pomegranate.

I love the Pomegranate, but looking forward to trying the coconut and blueberry.

As I mentioned earlier, I hate shaving my legs. Ugh. At least with the Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel, I don’t have to shave as often. The inhibiting gel is a great way to end a shave, wax, or laser treatment. Not only can this absorbent moisturizer relieve your skin after a day in the sun or refresh it after shaving, waxing or laser treating, your skin. But what I love most is it also slows hair growth!

Using Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel

Using Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel

1. Pump shave savour into hands and apply generously to body.

2. Use on all areas where you would prefer to have less hair, extra moisture, and smoother softer skin,

3. Apply in the AM after shower, to help lock in moisture and in the PM to slow hair growth and repair skin while you sleep.

Apply this never sticky or tacky formula that glides on like a smooth gel and quickly evaporates as you rub it in, leaving behind a silky, completely dry finish. Hydrate with natural and organic ingredients for smooth, even and sleek skin.

Above all else, this is what I love best about the Whish products — the natural and organic ingredients. I don’t want to put harsh chemicals on my skin.

How does it work?

By weakening the hair follicle so that it grows straighter, Whish’s Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel reduces hair growth by 30%.  No matter what your hair removal method, products like Whish’s Savour and Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum work in conjunction with shaving, waxing or laser hair removal treatments to reduce redness, exfoliate skin, reduce inflammation and delay hair growth.

Whish Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel is available in a 7.4 ounce container for $26 at Nordstrom.com. Available in five essential oil based flavors: Almond, Lemongrass, Pomegranate, Lavender, and Blueberry. I’m loving the Pomegranate scent. And a little really does go a long way, so it will last for awhile.

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 Ladies, do you hate shaving?


  1. I find shaving my legs a chore too. It’s so annoying, especially during the summer months. And, I use body wash too, it’s so much easier. I’ll definitely have to check these out, thanks!

  2. cool, I’ve never heard of this before but I would try it.

  3. Oh how I hate shaving!!! Plus I have dark hair so it shows up on my pale legs, hahah! I tend to get razor burn, so I will try anything!!!

  4. Oh I would love to try this and the scents sound like they would smell great!

  5. Oooh I have to try this. It would make my life camping on the road so much easier. I love that it is all natural and organic.

  6. I need more of a regime for this… and I adore the retro packaging.

  7. I shave 365/365, so I totally need to try this to help soothe my legs! I wouldn’t mind the hair inhibitor either!

  8. I think I’d love the smell of this line. My legs need a good exfoliating and I’m going to have to try that against the grain tip!

  9. I have never tried shaving with the grain before… I always shave from ankles to knees. This sounds like a really nice line!

  10. I practically have to shave everyday. Otherwise, I will look like Sasquatch. 😉

  11. I just saw the Whish line in stores and was intrigued by the fun packaging. I always dread shaving and it is especially great to read a positive review before making the purchase plunge.

    1. Author

      Marcie, after using it for a bit now, I can tell you that I can really go 2-3 days longer than I used to before having to shave. It smells so good, too!

  12. I detest shaving. I whish for some whish!!!

  13. I’ve never heard of this brand but they have nice packaging!

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