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How to organize your receipts for tax time

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: February 23, 2012 | Categories: How To, Infographs, Information, Money Talk

I know what a pain it is to organize your receipts, but it will save you a much bigger headache come tax time if you organize your receipts throughout the year. This infographic has some great tips on how to organize your receipts so your ready for tax time.

source: Visual.ly

15 Responses to How to organize your receipts for tax time

  1. Tammy says:

    I keep my receipts together in one place.

  2. Does throwing them all in one shoebox count as being organized???

  3. Thanks! I put mine by catergory in a folder.

  4. louise says:

    if only i could focus energy on organizing.

  5. I have a pretty good technique all year long then my husband takes over at tax time 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    I try to be good about it but I always fail!!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  8. Penelope says:

    Awesome, thanks! (I have to do our taxes in a couple of weeks)

  9. I haven’t even started to organize. Thank you for the reminder.

  10. jennifer says:

    I try to be good about my receipts but it never quite works out

  11. Marcie W says:

    Thankfully, my accountant doesn’t make me organize that intensely.

  12. Laurie says:

    Ugh tax time, not my favorite time.

  13. so important to organize

  14. That is my ultimate goal this year to be really organized with tax stuff