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How to Organize Your Life

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: November 3, 2016 | Categories: Home and Garden, How To

Are you leading a chaotic life? Is your world cluttered in such a way that you just cannot think straight? If you have started to lose focus and feel completely unorganized in life then please read on to learn how to organize your life so that you can regain focus, inspiration and live a happier life.

So let’s change our unorganized lives to organized ones….

changing-unorganized-to-organized how to organize your life

How to Organize Your Life

Write Everything Down

This is the first tip to getting and staying organized. If you lead such a busy life that you are simply unable to remember everything then start carrying around a notepad. This will help guide you to stay organized every single day.

Stop Wasting Time

Set yourself up with deadlines and priority levels for everything in your life from work to personal stuff. Organized people simply don’t waste time, ever. Learn to make the most of your time by holding yourself accountable with deadlines for everything on your to-do list.

Put Everything in its Place

Start using labels and containers throughout your home so that everything has a place. Make sure to place all items back where they were assigned to be after usage and continue creating labels and homes for everything you own.

how to organize your life...

Keep Clutter Spaces Clean

All households have that one spot where everything gets placed down, some call it a collect all area. Be sure to keep the collect all area clean at all times. Develop a new habit of not allowing clutter spaces to pile up. Check out this post with tips to declutter and live a stress free life.

Get Rid of Extras

Remove all items that are in the closets, basement, attic and other storage areas that you no longer use. Recycle, donate or host a yard sale to get rid of that extra junk. And maintain an attitude that you will only purchase items that are necessary to avoid repeating this mistake.

Have Organized Friends

Surround yourself with people who are organized by nature, when you have a group of peers who are naturally organized, you will start to learn their tricks simply by having them in your life. Ask questions, learn from them and allow them to inspire you to organize your life.

how to organize your life...

Now You Know How To Do It… Do It

There are so many ways to organize your life, but we do hope this list of ideas helps to push you forward into the new chapter of living life to the fullest with less clutter in your world. When you work to keep your environment organized, your mind is more clear and focused to work on other important areas of life.

How to organize your life is easy in theory but as I’m sure you know, not always easy to accomplish. I hope these tips will help you live a more organized life. 

Just so you know, there may be affiliate links in this post. So if you click through one of these links and buy something, I’ll earn some money, so thank you very much!

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