How to Have a Great Vacation without Overspending

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Planning the annual family vacation doesn’t have to break the bank; it is poor planning that often results in vacations going over budget.

How can you plan a fun filled family vacation, without overspending?

Set a Budget, and Stick to It

Setting a budget before traveling is essential. Set a budget for the trip and the costs associated with it, like flights and accommodations but also remember to set a budget for spending money and food while you are there. Make sure that you stay within the daily budget and if you are close to going over, stop spending. Sticking to the budget is the most effective way to ensure that you aren’t going to overspend while on vacation.

Consider the entire costs of the vacation and set aside a portion of the budget for unexpected spending, because these surprise expenses are sure to pop up.

Choose All Inclusive

For the food and drinks that are available while on vacation, all inclusive destinations are the best option for families. For a daily rate or inclusive with the room rate, you can get drinks and food included with the vacation package. All inclusive vacations allow you to budget easier, since you know exactly what you are going to spending while on vacation.

Watch for additional costs associated with the resort fees that are going to increase the total bill at the end of the vacation. These costs are charged per person, so traveling with the entire family can increase the costs of the vacation and put you over budget.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and make reservations for the accommodations that are going to be used while on vacation. In addition to booking ahead for accommodations and saving on the cost of hotels and food, you can also save money on the cost of attractions while on vacation. You can find great deals on fishing in Cabo San Lucas click here and shop around for deals before you arrive at your destination.

Use Daily Deal Websites

You know how there are daily deals for the city that you live in? Chances are there are deals for the place that you are visiting too. Planning ahead and purchasing the vouchers that can be used on vacation can save you 50% off of the cost of tourist attractions and restaurants while on vacation, and only require that you buy the vouchers in advance. Read the fine print associated with the voucher and ensure it’s going to be valid on your travel dates.

Jamie is a tech-dad and traveler, and parent to two kids. He knows the ins and outs of planning a frugal vacation.


  1. Great tips! Especially love how you talked about making a budget. I really think that is essential to not overspending.

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  7. Great tips! We always overspend because we never set a budget.

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  12. Awesome post! It is so easy to go over budget when taking your family on a trip! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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