How to Ensure Your Blog Posts Attracts an Audience

One of the biggest obstacles, if you’re a blogger, is attracting an audience. As a blogger, there are numerous things that you need to know before you really get rolling with your posts.

Everyone wants to have a successful run on the internet, gaining fans and daily readers to tune into what you have to say about a range of different topics. However, how do you get those people to follow you in the first place?

How to Ensure Your Blog Posts Attracts an Audience


The Trade-Off

Basically, there is a trade-off here. You can either write whatever it is that you want to write and hope that this just catches on, or you can choose a more effective route.

This more effective route is based on the content you choose to write about, the interaction with new fans, the way you are marketing and spreading the word, and your location online.

Choosing Content Options

The content of your blog is going to be incredibly valuable to its later success. As much as you might think they would, most people do not want to read about your day to day life in minute detail.

In fact, they might not care much about your personal life at all. Your opinion on things that matter to them, however, is another thing altogether.

This could mean any number of different subjects, but generally, a lot of review blogs tend to gain a lot of notoriety. This could evaluate books, movies, music, fashion, television, art, travel destinations and so much more.

How You Deal With Followers

Choosing how to deal with followers is important as well. Some of the most successful blogs on the internet have given those that regularly follow the blogger a voice to comment both on the blog entries themselves and to others that have commented before and after them.

So it could be wise to include a forum in the makeup of the site that you create, as this is often highly regarded among those religiously reading blogs online.

Find A Way To Market

You have to have a feasible means of spreading the word about your blog to people. Get yourself signed up on networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and even smaller subsidiaries like Instagram.

These sites can help you to reach out to people, add as many as you can. Add any and all, and use your profile page to direct people to the blog that you have created.

If you need to, create a separate Facebook account apart from your personal page and dedicate it specifically to the blog. This can be an excellent opening for people to just click a link and be instantly taken to your blog.

Location Is Key

Consider popular blogs online. While many of them might have started out as free WordPress creations or some similar backing host, they have managed to get out of this shadow and to a personal domain.

Having a non-complex URL is important because it can help people remember your website later on when they are looking to read. Get out of the free hosted sites as soon as possible and get a legitimate domain.

Creating a successful blog that attracts an audience is not something that a lot have been able to do. Of course, a lot of people do not take all of the above-listed considerations either.

You have to always think like your reader, and appreciate what matters to them. This extends to content, web design, web location and a voice on your site.


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  2. Great tips. I love being self-hosted.

  3. Great tips! It is a lot of work growing your brand and attracting a loyal audience.

  4. I think having your own domain, not a blogspot or wordpress hosted site, is really important. I also think that engaging your community is just as important.

  5. I just got off blogger and bought my own domain name! I wish I would have done it from the beginning!

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