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Since the housing bubble burst, many homeowners are being more frugal when it comes to remodeling their homes. They’re focusing more on functionality that fashion and décor. Even when it comes to builders, homes are being designed with multi-functional rooms, and higher quality building materials. Remodeling is moving away from luxury in bathrooms and kitchens, to greener living. Here are some of the main remodeling trends that are being seen among homeowners:

  • Special purpose rooms.  These rooms are being used for your work that you bring home, consulting from home, telecommuting or home offices. Later, the room can be turned into a craft room or an extra bedroom, whatever may fit your needs.
  • Accessibility. Homeowners are now making accommodations for aging and accessibility when remodeling their homes. Now that the Baby Boomer generation is entering retirement age, they’re looking forward to staying at home like their parents through the aging process. They’re remodeling with wider doorways for wheelchairs, bathrooms with rails and showers with seats.
  • Green Projects. Green products that will last long has become a new mainstream trend for homeowners. Green projects, including better attic insulation, sealing air leaks, HVAC upgrades, geothermal heating, tankless water heaters, water saving toilets, etc… are all ways to go green. These green remodeling projects help the environment, while helping homeowners save money on energy costs and water bills. These savings will last them for years to come, throughout their retirement years.
  • Home Spas.  Bathrooms are being turned into everyday spas. Master bathrooms with mini-spa-like presences are becoming more popular. Some of the other trends in the bathroom include deep jacuzzi soaker tubs, dual-rain shower heads, granite countertops, sink vessels, bronze fixture finishes and more.
  • Kitchen Makeovers. Kitchens are the most popular room in a home for remodeling. Most times, when selling your home, you can recover most of your kitchen remodeling costs. You can also recoup costs on energy saving appliances within a matter of months. These savings will continue on throughout the life of the appliances. Other popular trends for the kitchen are gas stove tops, french door refrigerators, deep single bowl sinks, and more.
  • Open Space Concept.  Removing walls is a very popular remodeling trend for homeowners with no intentions on moving anytime soon. Many will remove a wall to create a free-flowing space, usually between the kitchen and living room, or the living room and dining room. This can give a spacious feeling to your home, while bringing in more natural light. It also adds extra space to a room for time spent with family and friends.
  • Pulling out the Carpet. Getting rid of carpet and replacing it with hardwood floors, bamboo, laminate, stone, or tile flooring reclaims the look and feel of your room. In 2012, the trend of saying goodbye to carpet for good in your home is related to less maintenance and longer lasting flooring. It also eliminates allergies and the collection of pet hair or dander.

Trends that Meet Homeowners’ Needs

Take a deep look into your home. You may find that the best home remodeling trends best suited for your home remodeling project are probably related to functionality too. Make the money you spend on remodeling worth it for years to come, not just for today.

Author Bio: This trend article was written by Content Writer, Kiesha Joseph. Kiesha is a content marketer for Brad Jensen – your Park City real estate agent.


  1. We need a whole home makeover. I’ve been making boards on pinterest for honey do projects!

  2. I love the trends toward the open space concept and no carpet. We did away with carpet in our whole downstairs years ago. So glad we did. 🙂

  3. I love this trend, its important to be green than spending loads of money on the same products.

  4. I agree that kitchen’s are the most popular rooms to remodel. It’s what most families look for in a new home and if it’s up-to-date helps make the sale easier. The kitchen tends to be the hub of the home and people congregate there for vittles and fellowship.

  5. The Home Spa is one trend I can get behind!

  6. We just got rid of most of our carpet and remodeled the kitchen, so I would say those trends are pretty accurate.

  7. That kitchen is nice. I would like a media room.

  8. I would love a kitchen makeover and of course a spa LOL!

  9. Our house has open space- there are no actual walls between rooms on the entire bottom floor. I love it!

  10. We’re remodeling our kitchen this year and I am seriously thinking about getting stainless steel appliance like in the photo.

  11. I would love to do a makeover on my kitchen one day.

  12. The kitchen is beautiful! Lol, I’m jealous. I need a actual home before I can do remodeling to it. My in-laws are remodeling their bathroom right now, it looks so much better than it did!

  13. There are a few projects I’d love to do on our home, but all of them are on the smaller scale.

  14. I’d love a spa for a bathroom!

  15. I would love to have the chance to remodel a house someday, especially following these trends. I just think it’s fun to do 🙂

  16. I have a room that we don’t use for much, so I’m in the process of making it over to a big closet. It’s slow going though.

  17. I would love to have a home spa!!

  18. Great info! I admit, this is a bit late of a response but I stumbled onto this article just today – definitely going into my bookmarks section. Thanks for sharing the info!

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